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By 19 Feb
Botox injections are injections or shots that involve a toxin, called Botulinum toxin, to stop a muscle from moving for a certain period. This advanced aesthetic treatment is used to treat skin aging as it smoothens facial creases, wrinkles, and…...
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Laser Hair Removal Vs Traditional Hair Removal Methods
By 5 Feb
The process of managing undesirable body hair is very complex. In order to ensure everything is in check, most of us resort to the use of age-old methods such as shaving, tweezing, or waxing. But, what if there was a…...
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By 3 Feb
Hair loss is something that is faced by almost everyone these days. It can be either temporary or permanent. In any way, baldness affects people physically as well as mentally. It can be caused by any reason, say aging, sickness,…...
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Warts removal
By 30 Jan
Warts are a kind of skin infection that is caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). It is a tiny and fleshy growth on the skin and looks like a rough bump. This virus is contagious which means it is spread…...
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How to Prepare For Laser Hair Removal
By 27 Jan
Hairless skin has been popular for years. Today's hair removal methods are faster and more convenient than those of the past, but the objective remains the same to obtain silky-smooth skin with possibly greater comfort. Laser hair removal is an…...
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Permanent Eyebrows - Microblading
By 25 Jan
Almost every woman spends a lot of time grooming herself, like waxing, threading, plucking, and filling in the eyebrows. Those who don't like to spend this much time as a daily hustle look forward to some permanent eyebrows shapes. Microblading…...
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MNRF treatment
By 18 Jan
Microneedling radio frequency, known as MNRF treatment in brief, is a new cosmetic procedure that unites the benefits of two treatments. It uses small needles that create microchannels in the skin, thereby boosting collagen production and triggering the natural healing…...
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By 6 Jan
A lot of things need to be done in general in order to look perfect and when it comes to one's wedding, a little extra needs to be done. In the hustle of life and wedding preparations, it is nearly…...
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By 29 Nov
There are a number of skin issues coming up lately and more than that, those issues-causing agents bother people too much. Hyperpigmentation is one such thing that people from all age groups suffer from. It can be caused by acne…...
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By 24 Nov
[lwptoc] PRP Vampire facial possesses the combined features and benefits of PRP and microneedling. Normally, a microneedling treatment involves needles that create tiny insertions in the skin that help in promoting collagen and elasticity whereas in vampire facials, all this…...
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