IV Therapy – Procedure, Types, Benefits and Cost

IV Therapy

It’s essential to have a balanced diet, follow a healthy lifestyle and stay active if we want to improve the quality of our lives. It is equally correct to say that people don’t have time for their well-being. They don’t get enough nutrients from the diet they follow which leads to deteriorated health conditions and various illnesses. Intravenous (IV) therapy helps deliver the required hydration, amino acids, antioxidants and all the essential nutrients to the body.

What is IV Therapy?

The term ‘intravenous’ means transferring something through veins. Intravenous (IV) therapy is a way of administering fluids, antioxidants, amino acids and medication through the veins that deliver everything into the blood.

The absorption rate is highest in this case since it bypasses the digestive system and that starts giving results within minutes. IV therapy helps with dehydration, nausea, fatigue, migraine, vitamins and minerals deficiency, cold and flu, shock and trauma, etc.

IV Therapy Types

Majorly, there are two types of IV Therapy, namely IV Push and IV Drip. It mostly depends on the amount of fluid required and the treatment duration. Both methods lead to maximum vitamin absorption.

IV Drip

IV Drip Types

The IV Drip is a type of intravenous treatment in which the fluid is gradually infused into the bloodstream using a plastic tube. This tube, catheter, is inserted into a vein by simply using a needle which is removed as soon as the catheter is inserted into the vein.

The transmission of high concentration of minerals and vitamins takes around 45-60 minutes which is approximately 250-1000 ml of fluids per session. The patient can simultaneously work, read or simply relax while the dripping takes place.

IV drips target various issues and hence, different types of fluids and medications are transmitted into the bloodstream accordingly. The main types of IV drips are elaborated below.

Reglow Drip (Glow)

This one is specifically designed to promote cell regeneration, boost natural glow, detoxification of the body and improve the texture of the skin.

Regenerative Drip (Ageless)

Fluids, glutathione, B Complex, collagen and Vitamin C are infused to reduce wrinkles, increase elasticity and regenerate/rejuvenate the skin.

Regrowth Drip (Hairfall)

A high concentration of minerals and vitamins, growth factors and amino acids is being infused to trigger the hair follicles, improve the scalp condition and boost hair growth.

Reduce Drip (Weight Loss)

All the essential minerals and vitamins with fat-burning elements are infused to increase the metabolism helping in burning the fats and calories naturally.

Revive Drip (Immunity Booster)

Electrolyte balance is required for the proper functioning of the body. Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants (including glutathione) are infused for better recovery, improving beauty, wellness and overall health. A glucose solution is also given for instant energy.

IV Push

Administering fluids into the vein is done using an already-inserted plastic catheter. A needle is placed at the end of the tube. Once this is properly placed, the syringe containing the requisite infusion is attached to the other end. The medicine flows directly into the bloodstream through this tube.

IV Push takes just 15 minutes to do the job, slowly transferring 30-60 ml of fluids per session. This is comparatively a faster procedure than an IV drip. The latter works due to gravity; however, drops per minute can be controlled. This procedure needs to be supervised by specialists all the time.

Benefits of IV Therapy

There are numerous benefits of IV therapy, which depend on the health conditions of the person, condition treated, treatments and sessions taken, do’s and don’ts followed, etc. Go ahead to know its comprehensive benefits.

Stronger immune system

Vitamins and minerals lacking in the body are infused using IV push or drips. Immunity and health conditions are improved using IV therapy, as aforementioned. The person faces a cold or flu strongly.

Better health and mood

Fatigue, aging, hair fall or obesity whatever the condition is, is treated by IV therapy. All this impacts the health and mood of the patient directly. The person also becomes more energetic, relaxed and focused.

Balance the imbalances

Any imbalance in the body, like blood sugar, hormones, sleeping pattern, skin tone, complexion etc. is corrected by IV therapy. It is also proven to improve fertility among women.

Instant results

Since medication, high concentration of minerals and vitamins, glucose solution and amino acids are inserted directly into the veins, it is helpful for those who need rapid recovery, like in case of dehydration.

No downtime

Its greatest benefit is that this procedure is nonsurgical and it not only gives rapid recovery but the patients are also able to resume their work just after the treatment.


This therapy bypasses the digestive system, hence it lets the 100% absorption of the medication or fluids infused. This method is most effective and efficient as it targets the respective organ quickest.


Gaining redefined skin and health via IV Therapy is highly convenient as it’s done using just a small cannula that can stay there on your hand for several days. So you don’t have to get the needle inserted during every session. Moreover, customized treatments are also available as per your skin concern.

Procedure of IV Therapy

Below is a small procedure for IV therapy.

  • Initially, the healthcare professional chooses a vein in which the cannula is to be inserted. It can be anywhere on the arm, wrist, front or back of the hand or foot. Generally, the vein can be found easily but if it’s not, an ultrasound scan is needed to insert the needle.
  • After finding the vein, that area is to be sanitized by your healthcare professional using a wipe. A cannula is inserted and an adhesive tape may be used to hold it in place.
  • Tubing is used to connect the cannula to the IV. It is examined regularly if the IV is flowing properly and there is no problem with the patient like pain or swelling on the injected area.
  • After the therapy is over, the cannula is disconnected from the tubing and removed from the vein. The area would be dressed with a cotton bud and adhesive tape.

How does IV therapy work?

Generally, IV therapy works by administering certain elements into the body directly through the veins. Its functioning depends on the type of IV chosen.

IV Push/ Injection

As aforementioned, Injections work by using a syringe that pushes the substance into the body. The fluid containing the required substances like nutrients or medication is inserted directly into the bloodstream by pushing via an injection and hence is the name.

IV Drip/ Infusion

This method works on the basis of gravity. It uses a pump that delivers fluid into the body by dripping its drops and hence is the name. It allows a controlled delivery of the substance gradually which is ultimately safe and efficient.

How much does IV therapy cost?

The total cost of IV therapy depends on a number of factors like the budget of the person, the type of IV therapy, the extent of deficiency of vitamins and minerals, additional add-ons, duration and frequency of sessions, health conditions, the location of the clinic, the skills and experience of the practitioner etc.

In India, the average cost can be seen around INR 10,000 to INR 20,000. At Sakhiya Skin Clinic, we have seen that normally 6 to 8 sessions are required to bring back normalcy and we charge INR 8,000 to 15,000 per session, varying from person to person.

Who Can Get Benefit from IV Therapy?

Anyone who has the following health conditions can get benefits from IV Therapy.

  • Extreme dehydration by administering fluids and glucose solution,
  • Severe body pain by administering pain relief,
  • Malnutrition or someone who is not able to take food by administering nutrients,
  • Blood loss by transferring blood,
  • For someone who is having digestive issues by administering high concentration of minerals and vitamins into veins,
  • Young children with acute asthma by administering medication,
  • Someone who is injured in sports by administering pain relief and medication,
  • Someone with any type of health disorder like kidney or gastrointestinal again by administering medication, and
  • Someone who has undergone surgery and requires additional nutrients or medication by administering nutrients and medication respectively.

Are there any risks and complications with IV Therapy?

IV therapy is completely safe if administered by an experienced and vigilant professional, risks and complications turn out to be minimal in such cases. Some common side effects include

  • headache,
  • nausea,
  • dizziness,
  • occurrence of blood clotting or abscess,
  • swelling from the clotted blood,
  • allergic reaction due to anything, specifically the adhesive tape securing the IV,
  • premature death of skin cells,
  • swelling somewhere in the inner layers of the skin,
  • infection, bruising, inflammation and skin irritation at the site and
  • muscle stiffness.
  • If the needle is not properly inserted or moved later, the substance can enter the surrounding tissues.
  • Permanent nerve damage can happen if the levels of vitamins are imbalanced.

The main reason for such risks seems to be the untrained professional who has not completed IV insertion training but still carries out the therapy. This can be avoided only when you the patient opt for trained and certified professionals.

What are the essential points that need to be considered before planning IV Therapy?

There are various things that you should consider before going for IV therapy. Some of the things are mentioned below for your guidance.

Research about the clinic

First of all, you need to ensure that the practitioner you are choosing for your therapy is medically certified and well-experienced in this regard.

Calm and relax

Anxiety before getting a procedure done is normal so you should take deep breaths before it, this would help you relax. If you are still stressed, inform your medical team about it and they will help you out with this.

Talk to the practitioner

Make him aware of your medical conditions and medications going on, and tell them your medical history and health concerns. Let them know if you are allergic to something. Follow their instructions including medication, diet or otherwise.

Eat well

You should never go for the treatment empty stomach. Eating a meal (especially water-based and protein-packed) a couple of hours before the therapy opens the blood vessels and allows the nutrients to reach deeply. This would avoid nausea or any other irritation.

Stay hydrated

Our body responds better to IV therapy if it’s well hydrated. Hence, drink a lot of water 24 hours before the procedure and even on the date of the procedure too. Moreover, our veins also become more dilated if we are well hydrated which would make it easy to find.

Keep yourself busy and entertained

Some sessions may be short and may last for minutes whereas some sessions may take one or two hours. You can bring a book to read, headphones for music, magazines, puzzles or games to pass the time.

Choose comfortable outfits

There are a few things to choose for your outfits like wearing loose pants, a short-sleeved shirt or top (for proper placement of IV needle), non-buttoned clothes, etc.

IV Therapy is gaining popularity for all valid reasons these days. People are not following a healthy lifestyle and lack nutrients. In such cases, the IV works magically as this administers fluids and medications into the bloodstream in no time. There are certain risks related to it which can be avoided if performed by an experienced professional in a hospital.

The staff and doctors at Sakhiya Skin Clinic are highly efficient and perform IV therapy with utmost vigilance and care. We have offices in Ahmedabad, Ankleshwar, Anand, Bardoli, Bharuch, Delhi, Mumbai, Nandurbar, Navsari, Pune, Rajkot, Raipur, Surat, Valsad, Vapi and Vadodara. If you too are looking to get IV therapy done, visit your nearest location soonest. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Long Does The IV Therapy Effects Last?

Its effects may last for a few days. It starts affecting you sooner if you are well-hydrated.

2. How Quickly will You Feel the Effects of the IV Drip?

It just takes a few minutes to feel the effects, as this therapy administers the fluids and medications directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system.

3. Which is better, IV push or drip?

Both are equally beneficial but since the IV push injections push the fluid to the blood quicker than the IV drip infusions, it is better to opt for.

4. Is IV therapy safe?

Generally, IV therapy is safe, but it can cause certain side effects and may be risky if it’s not performed by an experienced and certified professional.

5. Can you do IV therapy at home?

Healthcare nurses need to be called to arrange the whole setup at home. They will also examine if the IV is working fine and the patient is comfortable.