QR678 – Hair Growth Treatment

QR678 – Hair Growth Treatment

QR678 is one the best hair growth treatment, it stops hair fall, increases hair thickness and density of hair follicles. This treatment is now available at Sakhiya Skin Clinic, Book Your Appointment Now!

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QR678 is a new product that was developed after intense research by clinical scientists. It is exclusively backed by science to address the most common problem faced by the world today, i.e., hair loss. It is the joint efforts and patented outcome of India and the USA that are being used in more than 10 countries.

It not only checks hair fall but also improves the thickness, quantity, and density of hair follicles. This treatment uses polypeptides exactly similar to those present in the human scalp, giving natural growth to hair. It doesn’t contain any toxic elements and is FDA-approved, hence, does not contain any side effects.

QR678 is a revolutionary hair treatment now available at Sakhiya Skin Clinic! It’s immensely helpful for you if you are facing hair loss. This non-invasive, non-surgical treatment uses polypeptides that are extremely helpful in improving the quality of hair and the health of the scalp. Contact our experienced team of dermatologists today and book your appointment at Sakhiya Skin Clinic – India’s No. 1 Skin Clinic Chain right now to achieve all your hair goals. 

QR678 hair treatment is a non-invasive method for hair growth. This formula is injected into the scalp just like mesotherapy that regenerates the dead hair follicles. QR stands for ‘Quick Response’ and hence, means that it’s a quick response to a disease (here, hairfall).

Hair follicles have amazing nutritional value and feature amino acids, minerals, and vitamins that are necessary for hair growth. The injections of QR 678 contain these growth factors along with the following polypeptides that develop hair follicles.

Copper tripeptide-1

Strengthens the hair follicles, increases their size, promotes blood supply to the follicles, and elongates their growth stage.

Ascorbic acid

Builds collagen and hence, makes skin healthy and strong.


Better quality of scalp and improves skin barrier function of hair follicles.


Revives the almost dead hair follicles.

Pantothenic acid

Nourishes skin and hair follicles.

Before investing money in this therapy, one must know the reasons why this treatment should be opted for.

• Targets hair loss

This ‘Quick Response’ therapy is big time helpful in promoting blood circulation in the scalp, therefore, strengthens hair follicles, and minimizes hair loss.

• Improves hair density

It has been proved that QR678 therapy triggers the production of new hair follicles, thereby increasing hair thickness and density.

• Non-surgical approach

Since QR 678 therapy doesn’t involve incisions into the scalp, it is a more practical and safer approach for targeting hair loss than hair transplant surgery.

• Least recovery time

After getting this treatment done, the patients may resume their routine work the very next day as QR 678 hair treatment requires minimal recovery time.

• Improves hair texture

Since it involves peptides that are naturally present in our scalp, QR678 treatment improves the hair quality and its texture and strengthens the same.

• No cruelty to animals

All the ingredients of this treatment are plant-based and nothing is tested on animals, hence, it is completely vegan.

• Cost-effective

Since it doesn’t involve any surgery, the QR 678 hair treatment cost is much less than that of a hair transplant.

By when will the results be visible?

There are a lot of factors that affect the results, like the hair loss already incurred, the number of sessions required, and the precautions taken by the patients. Normally, results are noticeable a few weeks to months after the treatment. 

Is QR 678 treatment painful?

QR 678 is a non-invasive, natural, and painless treatment for growing hair. A numbing cream is applied before injecting to reduce the pain. It only causes mild discomfort while injecting which also lasts for just a few seconds.

Can QR678 treatment work on a completely bald scalp?

Before applying any treatment, the scalp is evaluated by the dermatologist. This treatment will not be very effective for completely bald people as it regains only a certain percentage of lost hair. Those who have incurred huge hair loss are still recommended to go for QR678 before they opt for a hair transplant as it would be less expensive and less invasive.

Is QR678 treatment safe?

QR678 hair treatment is not identified with any major side effects. However, it may cause minor soreness that gradually fades in a few hours.

Can genetic hair loss be treated by QR678?

The answer is affirmative. Yes, genetic hair loss can be very well treated if the treatment begins in time.

How is QR678 better than PRP and stem cell hair fall treatment?

QR678 is a comparatively newer treatment for hair fall and hair regrowth in a shorter period at a relatively lower cost. Its components are also natural and safe, and hence, is a far better option than any other hair fall treatment.

Can QR678 be used after getting hair transplant surgery?

Yes, QR678 can be used before and after the hair transplant surgery. Before surgery, it reduces the area of transplant and afterward, it improves hair density, activates hair follicles, heals tissues, and strengthens hair.

What precautionary measures should be taken post-QR678 treatment?

As such QR678 is a safe treatment, hence the patients can resume their routine work immediately after the session. Just, use a mild shampoo (not the same day), and don't run or scratch the treating area. If you observe any other change or face any discomfort, contact your dermatologist.

How many sessions are required to gain effective results?

Generally, 8-12 sessions are required for QR678 injections approximately 3-4 weeks apart. After achieving the desired results, no further injections are required unless hair fall starts again.

How does QR678 work better than other hair fall treatments?

QR678 uses all the natural growth factors already present in the scalp. Due to this, it is completely safe and effective for hair growth.



*Result may vary person to person.