Ear Repair

Ear Repair

Ear repair is a reconstructive cosmetic mechanism carried out to correct the appearance of the ear, earlobes that have been disturbed by the injury, trauma or wearing of any ear ornaments.

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Ear repair is a solution for numerous people facing difficulties of having large, torn or stretched earlobes. The ear repair procedures are designed in a manner that allows for reshaping of the ear as for the aesthetic means and for the purpose of correcting the symmetry of the ear shape which is being disturbed during because of piercing and wearing of heavy ornaments. Ear repair is generally a methodology that accounts for the total look out of the ear from its appearance till its function taking in care that other elements of the ear are not affected.

  • Torn ears or stretched ears
  • Irregular shape i.e asymmetrical
  • Expanded earlobes
  • Trauma or injury in the earlobe
  • Keloid scarring

Ear repair surgery is performed by the cosmetic practitioners and the surgeons so as to rectify large ear and the torn part of the ear. During the surgery, the cosmetician reduces the size and set it back to the normal one closer to the head and if the problem is of the torn ear then the torn part is sutured and closed permanently.

The surgery also depends on the need and nature of the problem and other various factors including desire and wishes.


Ear repair surgery follows a few basic steps like

  • Local anesthesia and sometimes general depending on the severity.
  • The incision is made on the back surface of the ear.
  • The torn or affected part is sutured
  • Kept dry in the place for few days 5. Postoperative procedures are taken care of

Ear surgery has shown its effectiveness in repairing the ear deformities with minimal complications.



  • Minimal pain
  • Less discomfort
  • Safe and convenient approach
  • Less expensive
  • No downtime period


The basic factors that instigate the necessity for nail operation are:

  • Trauma or incident
  • Wearing of heavy earring
  • Birth defect
  • Scar
  • Unwanted appearance of the ear

It may possess few risks and may cause few complications like

  • Swelling
  • Aching
  • Visibility of scars
  • Throbbing or numbness
  • Excessive bleeding and clotting
  • Mismatched ear shape or artificial looking of ear
  • Injury or harm to facial nerves Though carrying few risks it is recommended ad the potent and magnificent cosmetic treatment for the ears.

What is earlobe repair or ear repair?

Ear repair, also referred to as "earlobe repair," is intended to treat conditions like torn, stretched, or elongated earlobes, often caused by heavy earrings or trauma.

What happens during an earlobe repair procedure?

Your earlobes will be covered with topical numbing cream before an injection of local anaesthetic. Your ear will be cleaned when it has become numb, and sterile drapes will be wrapped around it. Depending on the size and form of the earlobe, the method for repairing it may differ slightly, but in general, a section of tissue will be removed, the open ends are then stitched back together with absorbable stitches, and a bandage will be applied.

What are the side effects of Earlobe Repair treatment?

One of the simplest cosmetic procedures is lobuloplasty, or ear lobule repair surgery, which carries a very low risk of complications. The following are normal short-term side effects of earlobe repair surgery:

  • Itching and Swelling 
  • Minimal discomfort 
  • Bleeding from the incisions
  • Infection
  • Scarring
The doctor can readily handle these side effects. But occasionally, the scar might not heal normally, resulting in the formation of a keloid or hypertrophic scar that requires additional care. In some cases, the earlobe can tear up again if the patient neglects the doctor's instructions and resumes wearing heavy ear jewellery.

When can I resume wearing earrings after an ear repair?

Patients are typically advised to wait a few weeks before wearing earrings again to allow the earlobe to heal properly. Your dermatologist will provide specific guidelines based on your individual case.

Will the ear repair leave any visible scars?

 While some scarring is inevitable, dermatologists strive to minimize it and often use techniques to ensure that scars are discreet and well-concealed.

Is it possible to fix both ears in the same session?

Indeed, it is frequently possible to fix both ears in the same session. This makes the outcome more symmetrical and balanced.

Is it possible for a damaged earlobe to heal without surgery?

The split in your ear may naturally close if you stop wearing earrings, especially hefty ones, but the area may stay weak and may split again if you start wearing them again.

When can I get my ear re-pierced after having my earlobe repaired?

After two weeks, the stitches made during the treatment are removed. Around the sixth week, most people are able to have their ears pierced again. Our esthetician can do the procedure at Sakhiya Skin Clinic or a location of your preference.

Are the results of the treatment permanent?

The results of earlobe repair procedures can last a lifetime, and they are quite effective. To maintain the results, it's essential to be cautious and avoid activities that could harm the earlobes, like accidents or wearing heavy earrings.

Are there other options instead of this treatment?

Other than surgery, there aren't really any other options for healing earlobes. If your earlobes are damaged in a way that can't be fixed with creams or ointments (like cuts or wounds), undergoing surgery might be the only choice.

Where can I get ear repairs in Surat?

Achieve immediate and long-lasting outcomes with earlobe repair surgery at Sakhiya Skin Clinic! Our doctors have helped many people who have concerns about their ear appearance or who have damage from gauges or piercings. Consult the Sakhiya Skin Clinic to learn more about earlobe surgery.



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