Earlobe Lift

Earlobe Lift

Earlobe lift or earlobe surgery is a cosmetic procedure done to repair and correct the earlobes attached to the ear in order to give it a new shape to earlobes or redress the earlobe.

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Earlobes are accompanied to the ears adding to their normal appearance along with that, acting as the apt location for various persons to wear out accessories. Every person has variations in their earlobes. Since wearing of heavy weighted ear ornaments tears the earlobe tissue apart and this split up portion may not look good on an aesthetic aspect. So as to correct it, Earlobe lift or surgery is used.

It helps in modifying stretched earlobes and minimizing the scars on the piercing openings. The earlobe surgery is also recommended to those patients feeling trauma or distress due to deformity in the ear.



1. Stretched, torn or damaged earlobes.

2. Tough and rough scars.

3. Injury on the ear.

4. The irregular shape of the earlobe.

Earlobe surgery is an outpatient technique which hardly takes an hour to accomplish the process. This includes an efficacious and persuasive mechanism that involves almost an hour to complete it off without asking the patient to stay overnight in the hospital or clinic. It consists of few steps that are followed during the treatment: The preoperative procedure is there in which the patient going for surgery is abstained from smoking and taking aspirin products Local anesthesia is given initially to numb the ears Then earlobe lift or surgery is performed. It starts off with the incision which is made so as to remove the extra skin tissues and stitching the splits to give a fine edge and a freshening piercing tract.

Post Operative measures are taken after the procedure like:

1. Avoiding heavy exercise for the first few days.

2. Using 3 to 4 pillows at the starting.

3. Use of a hair dryer is avoided.

Earlobe lift or method is found to be the most appropriate process so as to reshape or ameliorate the ear structure back to the normal one.


  • Less invasive method
  • Safe and efficient
  • No downtime Period
  • Less or almost No scarring
  • Stitches are dissolved very speedily in about a week.
  • No surgery failure possibility is there.


It also holds potential complications like other surgeries .

  • Notching and Rubbing the ear side.
  • Scar formation may be to an excessive extent.
  • Discomfort is felt by the patient at times.
  • Sometimes, Infection is tend to occur but there are antibiotics which heals it.
  • A little bit of swelling and bruising.


There can be a number of factors that can determine the need for earlobe surgery as :

1. Stretched earlobes due to ear ornaments.

2. The piercing hole of the ear gets torn and splits up due to the wearing of heavy ear accessories.

3. Due to decrease in collagen also the elasticity of earlobe minimizes and so to redress the saggy earlobes, Earlobe lift is applied.

What is a split earlobe?

When you wear earrings for an extended period, the earlobe gradually tears, which can result in a split earlobe. It happens when the skin of the ear separates from the pierced area, extending down to the base of the earlobe and healing with new skin. Wearing large earrings for a long time is the most frequent cause of split earlobes. Compared to stud earrings, loop or dangling earrings have a higher risk of causing a split earlobe. An additional frequent cause of earlobe splits is trauma.

How is lobe lift surgery performed?

The procedure involves removing excess tissue, reshaping the earlobe, and suturing it to create a more lifted and youthful appearance. The surgery is typically performed on an outpatient basis.

Is the ear lobe lift procedure uncomfortable or painful?

Patients often feel very little pain both during and after the surgery. Usually, the surgeon will prescribe medicine for pain management.

How long does the ear lobe lift surgery take?

The duration of the surgery varies but is generally relatively quick, often taking about 30 minutes to an hour for both ears.

Are there non-surgical methods for an ear lobe lift?

Some dermal fillers and thread lifts are non-surgical options for treating drooping earlobes. However, these alternatives might not be able to provide the same results as surgery.

Can keloid-prone skin have earlobe lift surgery?

People who have a tendency to develop keloids might want to talk to their surgeon about this. Even though the scarring risk following ear lobe lift surgery is usually modest, it's important to address particular issues.

When can I wash my hair or take a shower post-surgery?

You will receive specific instructions for post-operative care from your surgeon, but in general, it is advisable to keep the surgical site dry for a few days following the surgery.

What distinguishes earlobe reduction surgery from earlobe lift surgery?

An earlobe reduction procedure removes a piece of the earlobe for aesthetic reasons, whereas an ear lobe lift treats sagging or strained earlobes. The decision between the two is based on anatomy and personal preferences.

Can men undergo ear lobe lift surgery?

Yes, both men and women can benefit from ear lobe lift surgery; it is not gender specific.

Will I have a scar following a split earlobe repair?

Following the treatment, you will have a very small linear scar on your earlobe. This should eventually become unnoticeable as it gradually fades.

What is the cost of earlobe surgery in Surat?

The cost of the repair varies depending on its complexity and whether it is being done on both ears. Discuss your condition with Sakhiya Skin Clinic’s expert doctors for further details.


*Result may vary person to person.