Vaginoplasty is a type of cosmetic procedure performed to tighten up the vagina that loosens or becomes limped. This process is performed to rejuvenate the vagina which has become stretched up after childbirth.

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For all those women who have had experienced multiple childbirths, the vaginal area gets expanded and muscles get stretched up. At that point in time, the vaginoplasty is preferred so as too correct and modify the shape of the vagina just as it always uses to be. It is also a means to heighten the sexual responses during the intercourse. Vaginoplasty is a kind of gynecologic surgery which contracts the vaginal muscles and reshapes it by revising its opening structure. It is found to be a smooth precision process with the accuracy function resulting into a bloodless operation.


  • Stretched vaginal muscles
  • Open and enlarged vagina area
  • Sagging factor causing loosening of the vagina
  • Discomforting due to exercise or physical activities
  • Congenital Disorders

Vaginoplasty is too referred to as aesthetic vaginal surgery as it is executed for both the functional purpose of the vagina and the aesthetic one. The procedure can be with or without the laser source for the function of tightening the vaginal muscles, decreasing its size and reducing the excess of tissue from its lining making it more firm and youthful. This process aids in adding more friction during sexual experiences as well. After the surgery, the patient is asked to take rest for few days and after that only she is asked to walk and work like a regular schedule.


  • The vaginoplasty or Vaginal rejuvenation concept includes few steps like:
  • Anesthesia- General Anesthesia is given to the female as the surgery may involve a lot of time and pain.
  • Incision: Then the incision is made around the area that needs to be operated
  • Then Surgery
  • Then the Stitching of the

Vaginal Surgery plays an important role in a woman’s life. It helps her to get back her confidence. Self-esteem along with the youthful look. Usually, women after at a certain age like in the late Thirties or Forties experience the deformities around the vagina and so as to get back the optimal function of vagina women undergo this surgery. It assists in revising the vaginal peculiarities and generating self-consciousness among the women. The patient is hospitalized for a day or two so as to observe the post-treatment effects, few are:

  • Swelling
  • Irritation
  • Pain
  • Scarring
  • Changes in Sensation
  • Bleeding


People undergo this surgery as a result of stretching out of vaginal section hence this operation is performed due to following causes:

  • Aging Factor which results in slack skin
  • Due to Childbirths and delivery vaginal canal gets enlarged
  • Not having enough friction

What is a vaginoplasty?

A vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure used to tighten the vagina, which can be loosened and change shape as a result of ageing or childbirth. It is similar to the cosmetic procedure of removing excess tissue from the back of the vagina and tightening the muscles to constrict the vaginal canal. Women who have completed having children and find less sexual satisfaction or who are self-conscious about their vagina might benefit from this operation. A gynaecologist can perform a physical examination to determine whether you're a good candidate for this procedure.

Who needs vaginoplasty?

- Women seeking to treat vaginal problems after childbirth or trauma aim to enhance their sexual function. - Women undergoing radiation or surgery as part of their cancer treatment regimen who need vaginal reconstruction. - Transgender individuals are going through gender affirmation surgery. - Women are born with congenital abnormalities that affect the development of the vagina.

Does vaginoplasty cause pain?

Since vaginoplasty is performed under anaesthesia, you won't experience any pain. Following surgery, you may experience some tingling, itching, or pulling at the surgical site as the anaesthesia wears off. This is normal and should go away with time, rest, ointments, and prescribed medicines.

When is the best time to have a vaginoplasty?

The best time for vaginoplasty is usually two days after your last menstrual cycle. This enables extensive healing of the vaginal area at the onset of your next menstrual cycle.

How long does it take to recover after a vaginoplasty?

Although recovery periods vary, patients usually need to avoid sexual activity and strenuous activities for a few weeks. It can take a few months to heal completely.

Does sexual sensation change after vaginoplasty?

Although the main purpose of vaginoplasty is to strengthen muscle tone and tightness, some women claim that having the surgery increases their sex satisfaction. It's important to talk to the surgeon about your expectations.

Does vaginoplasty have any risks?

There are risks associated with surgery, such as bleeding, infection, and scars. During the consultation, a board-certified plastic surgeon will discuss possible risks and complications.

How long do the results of vaginoplasty last?

Long-lasting effects are possible; however, with time, ageing and other variables may impact the results over time. A healthy lifestyle and maintaining overall pelvic health can contribute to sustained results.

Is it possible to undergo vaginoplasty after giving birth?

In order to address changes in vaginal laxity and muscle tone that might occur during pregnancy and delivery, a lot of women do, in fact, decide to have vaginoplasty after giving birth.

Can vaginoplasty be reversed?

A permanent surgical procedure is a vaginoplasty. While some aspects can be revised or corrected with additional surgery, total reversal is usually not achievable. To learn more about vaginoplasty, contact our experienced doctors at Sakhiya Skin Clinic.



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