Nail Surgery

Nail Surgery

Nail surgery is a cosmetic treatment available for the correction and repairment of the ingrown nails or the damaged and infected nails and bestowing individuals with the supreme results.

Description And Symptoms
Effects/ Causes

Many people face the nail problems especially toenail one.

The nail trouble causes the person to suffer from pain, redness along with the inclusion of the infections to the improper shape of the nail that invokes the need for nail surgery. Nail surgery encompasses surgical treatment for purposes varying from the mending of nail deformities like – ingrown toenail; nail fungus infection to the cosmetic needs of an individual. The surgery may involve the cutting of only a part of the nail or sometimes the complete nail is removed.



  • Redness
  • Swelling and pain
  • Infection like yellow or green purulent containing pus
  • In the growth of toenails
  • Thickened nails
  • Psoriatic nails
  • Discolored and split nails
  • Psoriatic nails
  • Discoloured and split nails

The initial surgical process includes medication and slight cutting of the portion which is also called WEDGE RESECTION but if the nail problem is severe then the whole nail is cut down for the permanent solution.

Nail surgery is performed to aid in getting rid of all the types of nail infection. The surgery can be minor or the major depending on the severity of the problem and the need of the situation. Few people go for it for making the nail look more attractive and enhancing.

Solutions Vitiligo surgery may apply any of the two processes

1. Incision: injecting local anaesthesia.

2. Onychectomy: The area of nail been affected is cut apart and detached from the skin.

3. Oral antibiotics- After the surgery antibiotics are prescribed

4. Method duration- is 45 minutes generally but in major one it can last longer.

The nail surgery is beneficial and potent for all those people who have ingrown toenail problems and are diabetic too. The surgery is also fruitful for all the psoriatic nails, thickened nails and nail damage or trauma caused due to accidents Few postoperative effects are observed in the surgery like swelling and pain but the wound is extensive so much antibiotics aren’t required. People should take a special care of their operated nail so as to avoid it from recurrence.

The basic factors that instigate the necessity for nail operation are

1. Trauma, cut or any injury.

2. Fungal infection which can spread from one person to another.

3. Unhygienic nails or poor maintenance of nails.

4. Wearing of the footwear uncomfortable to the toenails.

5. Poor cutting of the nails like too short or too straight.

Why is nail surgery done?

Dermatologists do nail surgery as a treatment to address an array of nail disorders, such as fungal infections, ingrown toenails, and other irregularities.

When is it appropriate to get nail surgery?

When alternative treatments fail to relieve persistent pain or improve the health of the nail, nail surgery may be suggested for conditions such as ingrown toenails or chronic fungal infections.

Why do I have a nail disorder?

There are many reasons to develop or have nail-related problems. Some of them are:  Infections - Warts, paronychia, and green nail syndrome are examples of infections that can affect the nails. Injuries - You may experience issues if you hurt your nails. Internal Diseases - Certain diseases inside your body, like some lung problems, can make your nails turn yellow (called yellow nail syndrome). Nail Fungus - Onychomycosis, or fungal infections on nails, is a very common condition. Structural problems - Such as ingrown toenails may affect the nail. Birth Issues - Some people have thick nails from birth (pachyonychia congenital) or are born without nails (anonychia). Medications - Certain medicines can affect your nails. Tumors - Growths or lumps can also harm your nails. Fungi are the most common cause of nail infections, and they can change the appearance of your nails. Viral or bacterial illnesses might cause further infections.

When will my toe heal completely?

Although recovery times vary, most patients recover completely in 4–8 weeks. In healthy individuals, the healing process typically takes four to six weeks. The next day, you can get back to your regular routine with little effect on sports or other activities.

Can I wear regular shoes after the surgery?

You will have a large bandage on your toe; therefore, you must wear open-toed shoes on the day of the surgery and for a little while after. You can wear regular shoes after the first bandage gets changed; just be careful that they don't squeeze or strain your toe.

Will I lose my entire nail after surgery?

The extent of nail loss depends on the type of surgery performed. In some cases, only a portion of the nail is removed, while in others, the entire nail or a portion of the nail matrix may be removed.

How should I care for my nails after surgery?

At Sakhiya Skin Clinic, dermatologists provide detailed postoperative care instructions, such as cleaning the incision site, avoiding tight shoes, and taking any prescribed medicine. Normally, follow-up sessions are scheduled to track healing.

Are the treatment's results permanent?

Results from nail surgery that involves the removal of toenails are usually favourable. To prevent regrowth, a chemical is applied to the nail bed. However, in some cases, the nail could grow back and require additional care. While the treatment outcome is usually positive with proper post-surgery care, occasional regrowth may require retreatment.

What could go wrong with nail surgery?

Despite being a minor operation, nail surgery carries a few risks. Simply put, the main things to watch out for are bleeding or infection after the surgery, a burn from phenol, allergic reactions, and the nail growing back. However, these things hardly ever occur, and at Sakhiya Skin Clinic, we make sure to discuss these risks with you and take steps to make sure they hardly ever occur.

Where can I find nail surgery in Surat?

For successful nail surgery, the surgeon must understand the anatomy and physiology of the nails. At Sakhiya Skin Clinic, our skilled doctors carefully assess your condition and customize the surgery accordingly. We also ensure that you receive thorough post-surgery care. Book your appointment at Sakhiya Skin Clinic for any nail disorder or discomfort.



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