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Online Video Consultation

Online Dermatologist Consultation

Major skin and hair issues don’t necessitate a trip to the skin clinic for professional dermatological help. Sakhiya Skin Clinic (India’s No. 1 Skin Clinic Chain), a pioneer in the fields of dermatology and cosmetology in India, is now offering online consultations with expert dermatologists for both hair and skin.

With “Online Consultation at Home for ₹99,” anyone can now speak with expert dermatologists without leaving the comfort of their own homes. Experts guide patients with hair and skin issues via video call for a minimal consultation fee, and the prescription is sent via WhatsApp after the consultation is complete. The medicine is then delivered to your doorstep.

The skin and the hair are the most visible parts of the human body, and for good reason: they are both indicators of overall health and a major source of self-esteem. Unfortunately, major skin and hair problems have arisen in recent times due to numerous external factors such as air and water pollution, adulterated food, unhygienic conditions, poor quality of life, and various diseases.

Established in 1998 under the expertise of Dr. Jagdish Sakhiya, Sakhiya Skin Clinic has become a leader in successfully treating 5 lakh+ patients and 3 lakh+ laser hair removal procedures done in 31 clinics all over India with the help of specialized dermatologists and cutting-edge technology. Sakhiya Skin Clinic has consistently used modern methods to assist patients in getting treated, thanks to the prevalence of technological advancement and the constant drive to serve patients as simply and easily as possible.

Dr. Jagdish Sakhiya, the founder of Sakhiya Skin Clinic, said, “We not only offer dermatologist online consultations for skin and hair but to make things more hassle-free for the patients, the medicines will be delivered right to their doorsteps.” “With a mere consultation charge of just 99 rupees, people can attain maximum benefits and get rid of their skin and hair problems in the comfort of their homes.”

Advantages of Online Video Consultation By Expert Dermatologist

1. Consult an expert dermatologist from anywhere

2. Most Affordable Consultation from expert skin and hair doctors

3. No need for traveling or waiting time at the clinic

4. Get a real clinic-like experience with our online video consultation

5. Online dermatologist consultations is available whenever it is most convenient for you, day or night.

6. Easy follow-up is possible after your initial consultation to see how you are doing and to make any adjustments to your treatment plan as needed


Don't wait any longer to get the healthy skin and hair you deserve!