Combat Aging and Scars with Dermapen Microneedling: Effective and Long-Lasting Results

Dermapen Treatment

Ageing is something that is not appreciated by anybody, whether they are men or women. One can certainly not reverse the ageing process but delay the same to a certain extent. The market is full of such skincare products but they give temporary results. One needs to switch to some cosmetic treatment to gain better and long-lasting results. Dermapen needling is one such amazing revolutionary procedure to sort all skin ageing issues.

What is Dermapen?

Dermapen needling is a type of microneedling treatment that uses a handheld skin needling device which is known as dermapen. It is a minimally-invasive skin treatment that is used to promote collagen production, skin tightening, reduce acne scars and treat various other skin issues.

The automated microneedling device features various ultra-fine needles that do the job of creating micro-injuries on the skin. This eventually leads to skin rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction. Let’s understand dermapen needling in the following simple steps.

  • Consultation and Assessment

Our skin is affected by numerous factors, hence it’s very crucial to have an assessment of the skin. The skin type, its concern and medical history are assessed and then the procedure gets finalised.

  • Preparation

The treatment area is well-cleansed before the procedure. A topical cream is applied to avoid any discomfort caused by micro-punctures done by the needle.

  • Treatment

After the numbing cream settles, there comes the microneedling treatment procedure. The skin needling device is run over the skin surface to get punctured by its microfine needles. The depth of these needles is adjusted according to the skin concern.

  • Application of serums

At this time, the skin is highly sensitive as it’s punctured with microneedles. Specifically tailored serums containing all the growth factors and antioxidants are applied topically to treat acne scars, boost healing, skin texture improvement and skin rejuvenation.

  • Recovery

Last but not the least, here comes the most important part of the treatment, Recovery and Aftercare. Mild redness may be experienced which subsides in a couple of days. You need to take precautionary measures and follow certain dos and don’ts for quicker healing.

What concerns can be treated with dermapen?

Dermapen microneedling targets various skin concerns, major ones are mentioned below.

  • Skin Rejuvenation

Since microneedling treatment doesn’t use heat, it is more comfortable and painless for the patients to get it done. It is best for patients with sensitive skin to go for this treatment as it is not this harsh. Since it follows a natural approach, it is safe for all skin types.

  • Skin Texture Improvement

Acne scars often lead to uneven skin texture, thereby making the skin dry and way too rough. Dermapen microneedling provides elasticity and boosts collagen production making the skin more youthful and even textured.

  • Wrinkle Reduction

Dermapen microneedling is an astounding anti-ageing treatment that boosts collagen, leading to reduced wrinkles and firmer skin. This leads to smoother and younger-looking skin, taking its quality to another level.

  • Lesser Visibility of Acne Scars and Stretch Marks

Microneedling treatment promotes the growth of new and healthy cells. This reduces the appearance of all the scars, including acne scars and stretch marks. The micro-injuries by the microfine needles trigger the natural healing process of the skin.

  • Enlarged Pore Size

Large skin pores get visible especially when makeup is applied. Hence, microneedling treatment boosts collagen production around these pores which helps in reducing the pore size, leaving behind smoother skin.

Dermapen Treatment Procedure Video at Sakhiya Skin Clinic

Benefits of Dermapen Treatment

Dermapen is popular because of obvious reasons, some of which are mentioned below.

  • Better absorption of products

Microneedling treatment uses microfine needles that puncture the skin. It lets the skin be more receptive to the applied products. It means that the ingredients of the skin products are penetrated deeply into the skin, improving their efficacy.

  • Renders Natural Results

This is the most important outcome of this treatment. It works when the regenerative process of the skin occurs, hence giving gradual results but naturally. Ageing, scarring, pigmentation, stretch marks, cellulite, lip brightening, skin rejuvenation etc. can be easily treated giving natural results.

  • Diminished Downtime

The patients can get back to their normal routine a few hours post-procedure. Just a few precautions to take care of and you’re sorted. It’s gonna nourish your skin at minimum downtime.

  • Treatment on Multiple Body Parts

Yes, that’s true! microneedling treatment is not just for the face but for various body areas like arms, hands, decolletage, neck, legs and abdomen.

  • Trust in the Reputed Brand

There are various tools that are used for microneedling treatment but Dermapen is quite a reputed one. It is efficient and effective, performed safely with tremendous results.

  • Works on Multiple Skin Issues

Various skin concerns like correcting and improving skin tone and texture, reducing the visibility of acne scars, stretch marks and large pores, reducing the signs of ageing etc.

  • Boosts collagen production

It’s been said numerous times above that dermapen microneedling improves collagen production, and plumps the skin, thereby sorting all skin concerns, ageing-related or otherwise.

Dermapen Treatment Price

The microneedling cost depends on a number of factors like the severity of the concern, skin depth and thickness, size of the target area, number of sessions required, experience and expertise of the dermatologist, location of the clinic, etc.

In India, the average price is INR 15,000 to INR 30,000. At Sakhiya Skin Clinic, we charge INR 10,000 to INR 20,000.

How effective is dermapen treatment for acne scars?

Results are generally permanent in the case of treatment of scars and stretch marks. The effects of dermapen microneedling last for 12 months in case of skin rejuvenation. The total number of sessions required to achieve the goal varies from person to person. Some may notice the results right after the first session whereas others may require more sessions for the same but generally, three to six sessions are required for fetching effective results. It has been found in various studies that microneedling treatment is effective in reducing acne scars by 50% to 70%.

Dermapen Treatment: Before and After

Here are a few results of our patients who tried our dermapen microneedling treatment.

dermapen before and afterdermapen before and after

Dermapen microneedling is highly effective in targeting various skin concerns, including acne scars. It boosts collagen production, thereby promoting skin tightening, skin rejuvenation, skin texture improvement and stretch marks and wrinkle reduction.

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