Why PRP is best for hair Growth?

What is PRP?

It’s Platelet Rich Plasma. With a better explanation, if you take 1 ml blood, it has 90 % RBCs, 6% WBC and remaining only around 3 to 4 % has platelets.

So, what happens in prp is the platelets are extracted by centrifugal method and hence a formulation is created where there it is rich of platelets.

As we all know, platelets are the major reason for healing mechanism in any injury in body. In dengue, the platelet count in blood is decreased. Hence, platelet injections are given from outside to the dengue patients to avoid internal bleeding.

Platelets have around more than 20 types of growth factors whose major function is healing of any cells in body.

Now, it has a major significance in hair growth too as hair requires certain growth factors like epidermal growth factor or vascular endothelial growth factors and many others too.  The major difference between mesotherapy and PRP for hair is that in mesotherapy the growth factors are missing. Hence PRP is very much useful in hair growth. Mesotherapy has only supplements while PRP has growth factors which cannot be artificially made.

In PRP, the blood is centrifuged for around 15 mins to extract pure platelets from blood.

PRP is made available at cheaper rates at certain clinics but you have to make sure that what exactly the method they are incorporating to extract the platelets, Patients should know that there are certain PRP treatment providers who only use test tubes to just extract blood and centrifuge platelets and inject, beware it’s not the correct way. There is a special kit available for PRP which has certain advanced growth factors which stimulates platelets which lets effective growth factors release from platelets. The test tubes used in advanced PRP are closed circuit, which means it has no contact from air hence it avoids air contamination from certain micro organism infection. So it is better to ask your dermatologist regarding which method of PRP they will be using.

One thing to remember is not all patients can undergo PRP treatment, as in patients where there is loss of hair roots then PRP treatment will be completely useless. But if you are planning to undergo hair transplant, then undergoing PRP treatment will be beneficial. Also, it will develop a good amount of blood supply in that particular region.

Procedure of PRP

  • Starting with collecting blood, approximately 20ml of blood is collected from your vein. The blood is collected and placed in an advanced storage kit container.
  • The container is then kept in a machine called a centrifugal machine where the blood is rotated for approximately 15 minutes. After that he concentrated and pure platelets have been separated from blood.
  • The PRP that contains abundant growth factors is then injected into the scalp via a gun or an insulin syringe where hair growth has diminished.

In PRP treatment the platelets are injected by either a gun or an insulin syringe, the difference is by gun there is a uniform distribution of PRP in the applied area. Using PRP gun with good PRP kit will definitely fetch good results.

Apart from hair growth, PRP is also very much useful in acne scar treatments or post surgical scar treatments or even post-traumatic scars. Even in non-healing ulcers PRP has found to be very much beneficial.

PRP has a long time effect, so in 5 to 6 sittings of treatment the results are effectively seen and after than with maintenance sittings the hair growth can be maintained at a stable and good rate. In some case vitamin supplements are also given with PRP. In pattern hair loss, oral finasteride and also locally application of minoxidil is also given for obtaining a good result of hair growth, but again it depends on patient to patients. Thereby using such multiple techniques will help the patient to increase hair growth in short duration and the results stays for long term.

In short, PRP is very effective for hair growth which majorly requires knowledge, skills and expertise of dermatologist for getting good results.

In all clinics on Sakhiya Skin Clinics, the advanced PRP treatment is made available so that patients can get the advanced and latest technology of treatment of PRP for hair growth.

Currently Sakhiya skin clinic has around 20 clinics in India and also it is amount the the fastest growing skin clinic chain in India.

PRP treatment is available in Surat at following locations:

  • PRP for hair in Varachha
  • PRP for hair in Adajan
  • PRP for hair in Vesu
  • PRP for hair in Dabholi
  • PRP for hair in Citylight
  • PRP for hair in Bhatar

PRP treatment for hair is available in Ahmedabad at following locations:

  • PRP for hair in Thaltej
  • PRP for hair in Chandkheda
  • PRP for hair in Nikol
  • PRP for hair in Shivranjini

 Apart from above major cities, PRP treatment for hair is available in following cities:

  • PRP for hair in Andheri, Mumbai
  • PRP for hair in Anand
  • PRP for hair in Vapi
  • PRP for hair in Bardoli
  • PRP for hair in Ankleshwar
  • PRP for hair in Rajkot

If you have any questions related to PRP treatment, you can call us on 1800-1200-70000 (tollfree) and our patient care executive will help you explaining more about the treatment. You can also reach any nearby center of Sakhiya Skin Clinic and meet a dermatologist.