Vampire Facial: The Miracle Treatment for Younger And Firmer Skin

Vampire Facial Cost In India


PRP Vampire facial possesses the combined features and benefits of PRP and microneedling. Normally, a microneedling treatment involves needles that create tiny insertions in the skin that help in promoting collagen and elasticity whereas in vampire facials, all this is done along with platelet-rich plasma that contains growth factors. This, of course, treats the skin in the best way possible.

What is a vampire facial?

A vampire facial is nothing but a blend of microneedling treatment and platelet-rich plasma (PRP). PRP treatments are useful in wound healing, boosting collagen, hair growth, and various other cosmetic procedures. Growth factors are added to the skin when the microneedling procedure and PRP are combined. It gives the person flawless skin and improves its texture.

Vampire facial, also known as platelet-rich plasma facial, is also a 3-step procedure just like any normal PRP procedure. It involves drawing blood, putting it in a machine to separate the platelets from the rest of the blood, and applying the blood containing the highly concentrated platelets on the patient’s face topically. It usually takes 45 minutes to one hour per session. This undoubtedly leads to a complete facial rejuvenation.

What are the benefits of Vampire facial?

Platelet-rich plasma facial is the latest skincare treatment that requires your own blood to be reapplied for the respective treatment. It is called ‘vampire facial’ because this process involves drawing of one’s own blood. It has various benefits like-

Boosts collagen production

PRP Vampire facial acts as an amazing collagen induction therapy. As we enter our late 20s, our collagen production reduces, leading to unhealthy and wrinkled skin. Vampire facial penetrates the upper layer of the skin. Not only does existing collagen start healing the skin, better-quality collagen also starts developing.

Fine lines and wrinkle reduction

These days, people face early signs of aging due to various reasons like stress, unhealthy lifestyle, etc. PRP Vampire facial promotes cellular turnover which means old skin cells are shredded and new skin cells are formed. The hollow areas of the face are also plumped up, thereby, reducing the appearance of deep folds. This anti-aging treatment tightens the skin, delaying the aging process.

Retains moisture

The more your skin is moisturized, the better and healthier it becomes. A strong skin barrier helps in holding moisture. PRP Vampire facial helps in reducing the appearance of skin pores as well, beautifies it, and helps in better absorption of prescribed medications.

Improves the skin tone and texture

Platelet-rich plasma facial is a boon for everyone, especially those with dark skin. It targets various issues at the same time, including hyperpigmentation. It is an effective

sun damage treatment, dark circle treatment, and acne scar treatment. Since this facial fastens the lifecycle of skin cells, it immensely helps in improving skin tone and texture.

Minimal pain

The face is thoroughly cleansed before the facial starts. The professional ensures that there are no dirt particles on the skin to avoid any prospective infection as well. Local anesthesia is also given to the treatment area to avoid any pain in this facial rejuvenation process.

Quick and no downtime

If you think that drawing and processing the blood takes time, it’s not so. It hardly takes 3-5 minutes. Moreover, a single session of PRP vampire facial also takes only 30 to 60 minutes depending on the areas to be treated. Moreover, the traditional microneedling gives you 5 to 6 days of redness which is not there in platelet-rich plasma facial.

Gives lasting results

The effects of this anti-aging treatment last for months and you need to visit the clinic only once a year or two. Facial rejuvenation is convenient with PRP vampire facials. The number of treatments is also lesser than any other sun damage treatment, dark circle treatment, or acne scar treatment.

Vampire Facial Cost In India

Anything’s cost depends on an array of factors and the same goes for platelet-rich plasma facial as well. Things like number of sessions required, consultation fees, location, pre-procedural and post-procedural things, etc.

In India, this anti-aging treatment costs somewhere between INR 10,000 to INR 20,000 as it includes PRP and derma pen procedure. At Sakhiya Skin Clinic, we charge INR 11,000 per session.

Are there any side effects of vampire facial?

Normally, the safety concerns in vampire facials are not at stake but it hugely depends on the patient’s health and medical history. PRP Vampire facials are completely safe, if performed by an experienced and qualified service provider. Only a few temporary situations around the injection site may arise like

  • Swelling,
  • Bruising,
  • Tenderness,
  • Redness, and
  • Infection (if hygiene was not maintained).

These can be avoided if research is done well before choosing the practitioner.

How to know if I am a good candidate for the vampire facial?

Almost everyone is suitable for a vampire facial since it doesn’t involve any outside element but their own blood, to be inserted into one’s body. There is no scope for any allergic reaction. You are a very good candidate for Vampire Facial if you-

  • Are thinking for acne scar treatment,
  • Are facing hyperpigmentation,
  • Are looking ways for fine line and wrinkle reduction,
  • Have uneven skin tone and want facial rejuvenation,
  • Want to look younger and have firmer skin, or
  • Are not willing to go for a facelift.

Don’t go for PRP vampire facial if you have any blood disorder, blood clotting disorder, consume blood thinners, or are pregnant or breastfeeding woman.

Post-procedural care

The duration of healing and lasting effects of PRP vampire facial highly rely on the aftercare taken by the patient. There are a few things that need to be followed by them for best results, such as:

  • Avoid touching your skin for a minimum of 6 hours.
  • Rinse your face not before the next morning but only with lukewarm water and without any harsh cleanser.
  • Ensure your hands are clean and washed before you touch your face.
  • After washing your face, pat dry it gently. Don’t rub it.
  • If you feel discomfort even after 24 hours, take medicine only prescribed by your doctor.
  • To reduce the swelling, use an ice pack but don’t apply it directly on the skin, rather keep a layer of thin cloth in between.
  • Sleep on your back with your face facing the ceiling. This helps in reducing any swelling.
  • Don’t use any harsh agents on your skin post-facial.
  • You are not supposed to apply any makeup for a few days. Clean your brushes before and after using them in order to avoid any infection.
  • Don’t go in the Sun. If you happen to go, use a broad spectrum UVA/UVB, SPF 25, or higher sunscreen.
  • Avoid any strenuous activity for the prescribed time.
  • Avoid all activities that involve heating your skin, like hot showers, steam, saunas, etc.
  • Don’t consume alcohol or blood thinners for at least 6 hours after the facial.

Vampire Facial Before And After Results

If proper care is taken and the procedure is performed by an experienced practitioner, the changes will be highly visible. The skin certainly becomes softer and plumper. Sun damage, aging, and all other issues would seem to vanish sooner. You can see below the Before and After photos of our patients who have successfully got this treatment done.

Vampire Facial Before And After Results

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Overall it can be concluded that PRP vampire facial is a minimally invasive and non-surgical way of getting rid of the visible signs of aging and gaining firmer and younger-looking skin. We, at Sakhiya Skin Clinic (India’s No. 1 Skin Clinic Chain) , take every patient’s concern seriously and perform the procedures attentively.

Step By Step Procedure Video Of PRP Vampire Facial Treatment At Sakhiya Skin Clinic