Tips on how to reduce the oily glow on your face on hot days

Tips on how to reduce the oily glow

Who doesn’t want a glowing face? But wait a bit! Not every glowing skin is good. There is a difference between an oily glow and highlighted glow on the face. People with oily skin get stickiness not only on their face but generally the whole body. It’s the sebaceous glands present in the skin that secrete oil and its level of activity causes the increase and decrease in the level of oil on the skin.

In summers, generally, people with dry skin also sweat a lot. Sebum is produced more that further blocks pore and causes acne. This sebum settles on the skin, makes it more greasy, and hot weather during summer worsens the condition. All this is natural and you just can’t fight with it but you can certainly control it to a certain extent. Indeed, nothing happens instantly, you have to follow a skincare routine regularly.

Following are a few tips that help you reduce the oily glow on your face during summers

1. Add Salicylic Acid to your face care regime

Salicylic acid is prominent for the health of the skin and hence, it is a must-have ingredient in your face cleanser. It helps in breaking down oil in the skin pores but doesn’t overdry it. This not only helps in fighting pimples but also in keeping the skin matte. It helps in gently removing dirt and bacteria and making skin free of dead cells. This eventually purifies and exfoliates the skin, makes skin clear and healthy, and keeps its pores unclogged.

2. Exfoliate your skin regularly

Exfoliation is nothing but removing dead skin cells from the skin surface using some tool. Generally, our skin automatically sheds the dead skin cells periodically but sometimes it is unable to do so. This leads to dry, dull, and patchy skin; exfoliation doesn’t let this happen. Regular exfoliation removes the dead skin cells and extra oil, makes the skin look brighter, prevents the clogging of pores, and leads to fewer breakouts. In fact, regular exfoliation may enhance the production of collagen that provides elasticity to the skin, minimizes the appearance of wrinkles, and makes the skin look vibrant.

3. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen

Sunscreen is prominent for all skin types and in all seasons. The major impact of the ultraviolet rays on skin damage is known to everyone but very few know that sunburns make the oil production glands, i.e., sebaceous glands, super active. This undoubtedly makes the skin oilier. Sunscreen helps avoid this. So, wear an oil-absorbing sunscreen with at least SPF 30 and which contains zinc. It has been proved in studies that zinc helps in reducing acne.

4. Never skip a moisturizer

It’s a myth among people that moisturizers make the skin oily and hence, it’s not required to moisturize the oily skin but it is not so. Nowadays, there are moisturizers available in the market that keeps a balance between oil and water in the skin. It’s the hydration that is required for healthy, wrinkle-free, smooth, and supple skin, and moisturizers are very good for that. It could be a surprising fact to know that moisturizer shields our skin from various elements. It not only builds a defensive layer but also helps you in getting rid of itchiness, unclogging the pores, and controlling the excess oiliness.

5. Toning is also crucial

Toning the skin is as important as moisturizing is! Toners help in minimizing the appearance of pores that gives a polished look. These clean our skin naturally and remove excess oil and dirt. This helps in soothing our skin, rejuvenates and tightens the skin, makes you feel good, and enhances the level of confidence in yourself. The lesser oil on your face makes you feel refreshing throughout. Using toner twice a day on your face immensely helps in hydrating it so keep a toner containing constituents like alpha hydroxyl acid, glycolic acid, and lactic acid in your kit.

6. Use only oil-free primers

When you want to have a matte look for your oily skin, oil-free primers do their task very well. It not only blurs the visibility of large skin pores but also provides you with a matte finish look that lasts all day. The main function of the primer is to create a layer between your makeup and skin just to control that irritating oiliness. So if you apply foundation directly on your skin, it would make the visibility of the skin pores more terrible. All you need to do is to apply a thin layer of primer just before foundation to prevent that oily mess on your face.

7. Take a proper diet

This is a natural way of controlling oil production within the skin. Vitamin C is extremely miraculous to make the skin lustrous; hence, adding it to your diet is an excellent idea. Moreover, food products with a very high content of water are equally good for minimizing that oily look on your face. During summers, you must consume products like coconut water, cucumber, lemon, banana, broccoli, pulses, etc. for radiant skin.

8. Workout

Workout is good not just for a healthy body but for healthy skin too. A regular workout cleanses the whole body, promotes blood circulation, rectifies hormonal imbalances, controls the overproduction of sebum, and thereby lowers the production of oil. This eventually reduces that oily glow on your face that you don’t like and brings out the inner and natural glow. Additionally, exercise relieves stress and lowers cortisol levels in the blood.


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