Tinea Versicolor Causes & its Treatment

The common fungal infection of the skin is called Tinea versicolor. This fungal infection results in small discolored patches and pigmentation. The shade of the patches varies from person to person. These discolored spots and patches can be light or dark. It looks like white spots so it should not be mistaken with vitiligo, vitiligo is a completely different skin condition. This fungal infection, Tinea Versicolor which happens on chest is called Pityriasis Versicolor, versicolor means various colours.

There are majorly 3 types of colors which marks the presence of tinea versicolor,

– White

– Black

– Brown

This variety in colours of fungal infection is the reason it is called as versicolor or various colours.

This infection mainly occurs to individuals who has a tendency of having oily skin or more seborrheic areas of the body. It could be majorly on chest, back and also sometimes on the face or also upper arms are more prone to developing tinea versicolor.

The rule is simple, the area of body which is prone to developing pimples are exactly the areas which can probably lead to tinea versicolor.

The biological science behind development of  tinea versicolor is very simple, Malassezia Furfur is a basic flora of the skin, everybody has this fungus present in it. But when its numbers increases, it evolves as a harmful skin condition. So the basic remedy against Tinea Versicolor is to control the numbers of Malassezia Furfur.

Symptoms of Tinea Versicolor:

When a person begins to develop discolored spots on the skin, it is an indication that the person has Tinea versicolor. The spots become more visible and noticeable if the surrounding surface is more dark and tan. These spots can be seen anywhere on the body but most commonly occurs on the shoulders and trunk. The signs and symptoms can be reduced in cool weather.

More signs and symptoms of this condition includes:

  • Light or dark discolored patches on upper arms, back, neck or chest
  • Itching or irritation on the skin is less compared to ringworm infection

Causes of Tinea Versicolor:

Anyone can have tinea versicolor, even a healthy skin too. The fungus overgrows and the condition begins. The growth of this fungus is too fast and can spread rapidly. Many factors can cause tinea versicolor, for example:

  • Humid and hot weather
  • Person with much perspiration
  • More in tropical countries
  • Diabetic patients with High Blood Sugar
  • Person with more sports activities
  • Skin type specially oily skin
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Weak immunity
  • Long time usage of steroid cream on body

Everyone can get this skin condition but teenagers are more prone to it because, teenagers usually experience more hormonal imbalance than others. This fungal infection can equally affect people of all ages.

Prevention of Tinea Versicolor:

Prevention should always come first then cure. We should know about the risk factors first and prevent ourselves even before the onset of any disease. It will really help you to prevent many diseases and to lead a happy and healthy life. You need to love yourself first because self love is the very first romance. This skin condition Tinea Versicolor is also curable, if you want and try to get rid of it. Your focus is all what is needed. You can cure or prevent from this condition by simply applying skin ointments or taking oral supplements as suggested by your dermatologist along with few precautions and that’s it.

Also, you need to take more care of your skin in humid and warm weathers. Every season has its own share of problems and skincare issues. But you need not to worry at all.

Treatments of Tinea Versicolor:

Following are some preventive treatments you should be recommended to use. But you are requested to see your dermatologist before using these.

– Use antifungal soap like Ketoconazole Soap regularly while bathing as the tendency of developing Tinea versicolor can happen even after it is cured.

– Use Clotrimazole or Terbinafine powder on dry skin after your bath.

– Clotrimazole crams are also used to cure Tinea Versicolor, also terbinafine or ketoconazole or ciclopirox olamine creams are used.

– Selenium sulfide lotion or shampoo can also be used with ingredients like Zinc pyrithione is also used. While bathing also use this shampoo on chest and back area of body and keep the shampoo for atleast 2 mins where Tinea Versicolor has developed.

– The one with high blood sugar level should be very cautions, as controlling tinea versicolor with high blood sugar level is very difficult.

– People with low blood sugar level should avoid consuming sweet food or white flour or maida in hindi.

– People who are very much active in physical activities like sports or gym should bath atleast 2 times a day and become complete devoid of perspiration on skin.

– Wear Strictly cotton clothes and avoid nylon fabric clothes and also avoid wearing tight clothing.

– oral antifungal tablets are also prescribed by your dermatologist for prophylaxis depending the extent of condition.

Hope you find this complete knowledge of Tinea Versicolor Helpful.

It is always better to consult a dermatologist to exactly identify the skin condition. You can contact Sakhiya Skin Clinic for your Tinea Versicolor problem and meet our Dermatologist in various cities around India.