Skin care tips that you will say why you didn’t know before

Why God? Is glowing skin, just too much to ask for? This question always encounter in our mind that how can we get natural flawless skin. So, we have tried to cover skin care basics that are often ignored or overlooked.

The first and foremost thing is hydration. Drink enough water. It is the element that flushes toxins out of the body and that is what does the magic. Make a routine to drink at least 3-4 ltrs of water daily.

  • SLEEP:

The key to not looking tired? It’s not being tired! Easier said than done, we know. Do whatever you can to get in seven to eight hours a night and your skin—including those pesky under eye bags!—will look noticeably better. Trust us: Sleep offers the kind of results that no face cream can mimic.

  • Treat your skin gently:

Bound bath time: Hot water and long showers or baths remove oils from your skin. So, Limit your bath or shower time and use warm water rather than hot water.

Avoid strong soaps: Strong soaps and detergents can strip oil from your skin. Instead, choose mild cleansers.

  • Cleansing:

Face cleaning is important to have a bright, glowing skin. Wash your face thoroughly with a facial cleanser or face wash, and perfectly dry your skin with a soft towel. Next, dab some cleansing milk on a cotton pad and wipe your face with it which clean out your pores and remove leftover dirt.

  • Toning: Toning your face is very important. It balances the pH level of your skin and shrinks the presence of pores. It hydrating the skin and forms a protective barrier on your skin.

Toners prevent your skin from producing excess oil. Take enough toner and drop it over your face evenly and let it get absorbed into your skin.

  • Moisturize, Don’t’ skip the moisturizers:

Moisturizers are most effective when skin is still wet, as wet skin best absorbs the moisture and locks it in for a longer time. For better result you should always apply moisturizer to clean skin and shortly after cleansing, before your skin is totally dry. Don’t forget your lips since the skin on the lips is thinner than anywhere else on the face. Also don’t forget to hydrate eye zone.

  • Sunscreen

Sunscreen have became an important part of a daily skin care routine. Broad spectrum sunscreens which protects skin against both UVA and UVB rays should be used. Medicated sunscreen with SPF 30 or above is preferable.

  • Exfoliate

Exfoliate your skin every week and do it at night rather than during the day. Your skin renews overnight, so removing dead skin before bedtime enhances the skin’s function. Exfoliate gently, just to remove dead skin and if you have oily skin or you have acne then exfoliating once in two weeks will be sufficient.

  • Manage stress:

Uncontrolled stress can make your skin more sensitive and generate acne and other skin problems. To encourage healthy skin and a healthy state of mind take steps to manage your stress. Set reasonable limits, make time to do the things you enjoy. The results might be more dramatic than you expect.

  • Avoid Sugar

Balance your diet, consume more greens and less sugar and caffeine. Sugar increases the effects of ageing and can also worsen skin condition. Sugar activates inflammations and binds to the collagen that can make your skin rough.

  • Use the right products:

Always use products that are designed for your skin type. It is also a good idea to relook at the products you are using once the season changes. You could try new products if you don’t have sensitive skin.

So, these are the skin care tips that you will say why I didn’t know before. For any query feel free to comment below!!!!