How to treat open pores?

Who doesn’t want flawless skin? And to hide that flaw, people start applying makeup or other cosmetic products to cover them up. But what about the effects caused by them? 

It’s not the time to hide it but to cure it!

Open pores are tiny openings in the skin. The skin contains millions of open pores, even though it’s not visible to the human eye. These pores allow the skin to relax & breathe. 

Open pores are largely visible in the T section of the face i.e., chin, nose & forehead. 

Each pore has hair follicles and likewise, there are oil glands called sebaceous organs that make an oil called sebum. When these oils come off pores and get in contact with the air, the sebum gets oxidized and hence makes it black.

Skin types like oily, dry, or combination are much more exposed to visible pores. 

In adolescents and adults with oily skin that are an acne-prone skin type, open pores are rather turn them into blackheads or whiteheads. Aging skin (age group after 45) contains much less collagen & elastin fibers which may appear as larger or widened pores.

What may cause an open pore to look large?

There are numerous reasons for large-looking open pores. They include:

– Clogged pores with excess oil (sebum) secretion

– Thick hair follicles

– Genetics or heredity

– Loss of collagen or elastin fibers due to age

– Sun damage

How to treat large pores? / Solution for large pores

There are remedies that can help your skin to have a better & improved appearance with no large open pores.

You do not want a closed pore (and it is not advisable at all). Basically, all you need is a clear pore. When the pore is clogged, it seems to be widened. 

Hence, depending on the skin type, there are various remedies that can be looked upon.

Oily skin type has different solutions, combination skin type has other remedies, and there’s a different one for the dry skin. 

Let’s see what dermatologists recommend for different skin types.

For Oily Skin

Oil in the skin, clogs the pores and hence oily skin is the real culprit for acne & blemishes. Pores are quite visible around the nose.

Having an acne-prone skin type, it is important to choose your skincare products wisely.

 It is recommendable to choose face wash which has salicylic acid as an ingredient. 

Salicylic acid helps to reduce the oil secretion from the skin and hence reducing the sebum levels. Salicylic acid is Keratolytic, which splits up the connections between cells in the external layers of the skin, thus removing the dead skin cells. This allows acid to unclog the pores that can lead to acne, whiteheads, or blackheads.   

Likewise, you can go for Glycolic Acid based face wash.

Also, use toner & scrub once or twice a week. 

For Combination / Sensitive Skin

This skin type has a combination of both dry & oily skin. The T-zone i.e., forehead, nose & chin are oily whereas the cheeks are dry or normal. 

Combination skin type should use acid-free face wash. When these skin types exfoliate with acid based products, the skin feels burnt out leading to inflammation & breakouts. 

Hence, dermatologists suggest using acid-free face wash.

 Also, avoid using toner & scrub. 

For Dry Skin

Dry skin type should look for a cleanser or face wash which are free from chemicals, alcohol & have non-foaming properties. The cleanser should maintain the pH level of the skin.

Over exfoliation & use of acid based face wash or products have properties that can completely dry out the moisture in the skin. 

Preventive measures that can be taken

It is generally mistaken that open pores can shrink or be closed. But it’s not true. Pores need not be closed but clear. Open pores allowing sebum to come out of the skin, hence keeping it healthy. 

If you are keen on not allowing your enlarged pore to be visible, make sure to keep your skin healthy & dirt free. 

Few measures that can be adopted in daily lifestyle routines- 

– Avoid consuming oily food.

– Keep control over dairy products.

– Always wear sunscreen to avoid sun damage.

– Keep your skin moisturized.

– Select your skincare products wisely.

– Opt for non-comedogenic cosmetic products that avoid clogging pores.

– Do not sleep with your makeup on! 

– Considering your skin type, choose alcohol-based or alcohol-free cleanser.

Medical Treatments

Along with home remedies, there are various medical treatments available that help to minimize enlarged pores. 

Some of the best treatments are – 

– Skin Polishing / Microdermabrasion

This method overall treats the skin cells, removing the dead skin and treating fine lines, spots, wrinkles, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and uneven or dull tone.

– Fractional CO2 Laser

It removes the uneven layers of skin tissue keeping surrounding area intact to one another. This method also destroys the oil gland paths, making the pore smaller. 

– Retinoid Cream

They increase the production of collagen hence treating fine lines & wrinkles. 

Also beneficial for fading age spots and uneven tone. Due to the production of new blood vessels, it turns the skin softer & brighter. 

 More such treatments are available like Gel based peels, Derma roller, Micro needling method, PRP treatment, Meso Botox. 

Open pores are necessary for your skin to breathe & relax. As it is important to keep the body healthy, likewise it is essential to keep your skin healthy. Protect it from dirt & sun damage to have that healthier & vibrant skin.