Monsoon Skin & Hair Care Tips

The onset of the monsoon brings in a lot of joy & enthusiasm and we all are ready to dwell in this weather. With all the hot & spicy food cravings, we tend to neglect our health and a little is no harm. But are you witnessing changes in your skin & hair too? You surely do. Well, physical health can be taken care of but what about hair falls & skin rashes? Avoiding them quite a bit?

No need to worry.

Here are some simple-to-follow yet effective monsoon Skincare & Hair Care tips for you to enjoy this season effortlessly.

Monsoon Skincare Tips

The rainwater affects the skin by making it look dull or gloomy. Acne, oil secretion, skin rashes are some common effects witnessed during monsoons. The humidity allows the dirt & dust particles to easily settle on the skin & damages the soft & toned look.

The following are some tips to keep your skin on point even in humid monsoon weather.

– Cleansing is a must

Skin tends to feel oily & sticky during monsoons as oil secretion is more & pore gets blocked. Hence, keeping it oil & dirt-free is important. Make sure to wash your face at least 3-4 times a day with regular water and once with rose water.

Deep exfoliation is also necessary. Scrubbing twice a week is recommended.

– Always wear sunscreen

By the time we feel the cold weather is approaching, we start avoiding sunscreens. Even in cloudy or cool weather, direct sun rays can harm your skin and make it tan. Hence, no matter what the season is, always wear sunscreen.

– Try to keep yourself dry

How couldn’t get wrenched in the rainy season? But as soon as you reach your home, clean up & dry yourself as humidity & wet skin can invite a lot of bacterias & fungal infections. It is always best to stay dry & clean.

Also, make sure to keep your feet dry as skin infections or rashes are prevalent in feet.

– Water-proof Makeup

It is always recommended to avoid chemical-infused & heavy makeup, especially in this wet weather. Instead, you can go for minimal, light & waterproof makeup.

– Eat Healthily

Your eating habits definitely show up on your skin. Avoid food that would lead to more oil secretion like oily & spicy food. Healthier foods that are rich in vitamins & essential nutrients are recommended to keep your skin healthy.

Also, avoid drinks that lessen the skin moisture like coffee & alcohol. These remove the moisture from the skin & results in early wrinkles. Alcohol, as you know, affects the whole body & skin & hair are no less.

Similarly, avoid & quit smoking!

– Stay hydrated

Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated & to eliminate toxins. In monsoon, humidity & precipitation leads to constant sweat that further dehydrates your skin & overall body. Drinking 7-8 glasses of water is a must.

These are some tips that can be really useful for you in the monsoon. Along with them, there are some small & basic things which you shouldn’t neglect which are

– To let your skin breathe, avoid wearing tight & fitted clothes and covered footwear.

– Keep your skin moisturized with lotions & serums.

– Avoid bleaching & facials as they can make your skin drier. – Keep your nails  & cuticles clean.

Monsoon Hair Care Tips

As soon as the monsoon hits, there’s no way you are staying dry, right? And the first most thing it hits in your body is your head and the problem begins. Have you experienced more hair fall in monsoons than ever? Or itchy & dry scalp? Dull & rough hair will never leave you alone especially in monsoons. Well if you faced all these, then it’s time to look at your hair now & make them flaunt every day even in monsoons.

Here are some monsoon hair care tips.

– Wash hair at least twice a week with a mild shampoo

Rainwater carries a lot of impurities that directly hit your hair. It makes your scalp dirt very often & sweat can lead to excess oily scalp. To restrain it, it is important to keep the scalp clean & use only mild shampoos to avoid breakage followed by a good conditioner.

– Massage scalp with non-fragrant & antibacterial oil

This season attracts bacteria & fungal infections even in the scalp. It is any day better to use herbal, non-fragrant & antibacterial oil. For itchy & dry scalp with dandruff, applying neem oil is best.

– Sustain your natural hair color

Hair colors & bleaches take a longer time to dry & all this while, they can settle on your scalp making it even dirtier. Hence it is better to nurture the natural hair color.

– Organic & herbal hair products are best

Chemical infused shampoos or any other product would do no good to your hair; it would lose all the shine, luster & even make them dry. Hence, invest in products that are organic & hair-friendly.

 Along with these necessary tips, here are some more points that can help you flaunt your hair.

– Avoid frequent use of heat appliances on hair to style them & even hair sprays. 

– It is also recommended to avoid hair styling & keep it as natural as possible. Low & loose ponytails are suggested to avoid breakage. 

– Try to keep your hair covered & dry. Use thin towels to dry your hair.

– Indulge in healthy eating habits & lifestyle. 

– Massage with warm oil at night & comb your hair for even oil distribution.

One common tip for both skin & hair care would be to stay hydrated.

Monsoons are definitely one of the most loving & awaited seasons but it is also important to tweak your skincare & hair care regime to have the perfect skin glow & bouncy hair. If you are lacking in having the proper regime, try to build one & that will do wonders to your skin & hair not only in monsoons but every day.

Even with the necessary lifestyle change, if you’re experiencing any type of skin infection or rashes, or unmanageable hair fall, it is always better to consult your dermatologist. You can also reach us on 1800120070000 (Toll-free).