The Ultimate Guide to Lip Fillers: Procedure, Benefits, Side Effects and Cost in India

Lip Fillers Cost In India

Lip fillers are a recent and effective type of lip enhancement used to restore or add the structure, volume, or shape of our lips. Lips do get thin as we age. Those who want to have fuller lips or lip shape correction, opt for lip fillers as it’s the safest and most affordable way of getting it.

There are a few other types of lip enhancement like lip implants and dermal fillers but these are more invasive than lip fillers and hence, lesser opted for.

1. What Are Lip Fillers?

Lip fillers, also known as lip injections, are a type of non-surgical lip augmentation that makes the lips look fuller. There are different types of lip fillers that vary in thickness, and are used for different purposes.

If you want to keep the lip shape intact but just want it fuller, go for thin fillers. These lip fillers will take the shape of your lips. If you are looking to change the contour and structure of your lips, you should go for thicker ones. There are a few fillers that also target wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth.

2. Lip Fillers Treatment Procedure

This is a minimally-invasive procedure for lip rejuvenation that follows simple steps.

  • The lip filler procedure begins with applying a topical anesthesia to the lips which would start working after 15 minutes or so. This would numb your lips to make the process painless and most comfortable.
  • For those who are allergic to any of the ingredients used in topical anesthesia, a nerve block injection is given to them to make their lips numb.
  • A thin needle is used to inject the lip filler into the required part(s) of the lips, be it edges, corners, or Cupid’s bow. Generally, one ml of lip filler is inserted into the lips.
  • An ice pack is applied on the lips throughout the procedure just to avoid any swelling or bruising, which may take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours.
  • Your healthcare provider will massage your lips to absorb the filler post-procedure.
  • After monitoring for 15-20 minutes and ensuring that you don’t face nausea, dizziness, or any other side effects, you are allowed to go home.

3. Benefits of Getting A Lip Filler

Getting a lip filler done helps you in various ways, some of which are mentioned below.

  • It gives you a natural filling

Various products that are hyaluronic acid fillers give a pretty natural look to the lips. Since hyaluronic acid is also naturally produced in the body, there is little chance of causing any bruising. This is to be repeated every six months to maintain the look.

  • You’ll face gradual changes

Fillers are given in small quantities over a certain period. This way, the patient would face gradual changes which gives them enough time to adapt to their new look. Also, they can make changes if they don’t like the outcome.

  • It improves the looks

The enhanced lip shape, better lip symmetry, and lip rejuvenation make one look younger. So if someone wants to change his/her facial appearance without changing much, they go for these minimally-invasive lip fillers.

  • It has minimal side effects

If it is hyaluronic acid fillers, there is an extremely rare condition of getting any side effects as it uses a substance naturally found in our body. The patient must inform the practitioner of all his known allergies which would be considered while deciding the filler.

  • Quick recovery

You can go back to your normal routine the very next day of getting the procedure done. When talking about the procedure, it hardly takes 15 minutes after the patient is prepared for the procedure.

  • It boosts self-esteem

Lip augmentation certainly enhances one’s looks which ultimately boosts one’s morale and self-esteem. They feel good about themselves. Moreover, it’s safe and reversible. So, if you’re not happy with the look, the healthcare provider injects an enzyme to dissolve the lip filler at the required place.

4. Before And After: Lip Filler Treatment At Sakhiya Skin Clinic

The best lip fillers certainly do their task. The aging signs around the lips are gone by this lip augmentation. You can see face changes like lip symmetry, lip shape correction, vanished lip lines, and more voluminous lips.

Here are a few pictures of ‘before and after’ lip fillers for our patients.

lip filler before and after lip filler before and after

5. Lip Fillers Cost In India

The cost of the lip aesthetics depends on various factors like the type of cosmetic filler chosen (whether it’s hyaluronic acid fillers, collagen filler, or anything else), the area to be covered, the amount of filler required, etc.

In India, the average lip procedure cost is INR 20,000-35,000. In Sakhiya, we charge INR 29,500, providing the best brands, Juvederm and Restylane.

6. Who is a good candidate for getting a lip filler?

Anyone who wants to have enhanced lip shape and smoothen the fine lines, can go for lip fillers provided they fulfill the following conditions.

  • The patient should be having sound physical health.
  • He/she should have practical goals and expectations.
  • He/she doesn’t have any oral infection, including any cold sores.

7. Are there any side effects of lip fillers?

If we talk of lip filler risks, there ain’t any major side effects in general. In some cases, the following situations may arise.

  • It can reactivate any previous cold sore.
  • Infection, if aftercare instructions are not followed or the person is allergic to the type of filler.
  • Asymmetrical lips.
  • Pain or bleeding or both at the treated areas.
  • The loss of color or firmness of skin around the lips.
  • If the lip filler is injected around or into an artery, it may lead to the death of the tissue.
  • It may lead to bleeding in other areas of the face.

8. Aftercare and Maintenance for long-lasting results

Any operation comes with its list of ‘aftercare and maintenance’ to get the best out of it. Here are a few tips that you need to follow to last the results for long.

  • Stay hydrated always. That’s the key to a lot of things, trust us with that.
  • Don’t touch or put pressure on your lips in any way, like kissing, sipping anything, applying lipstick, or any other product (other than those prescribed by your doctor) for at least 24 hours.
  • Swelling, pain, and inflammation are obvious outcomes of getting lip fillers, hence, you need to apply an ice pack for 10 minutes or so.
  • Be aware while brushing your teeth. Also, avoid saunas, hot spas, dance, exercise, or any other rigorous tasks for at least 24-48 hours.
  • Sleep with your head on a firm pillow to avoid any swelling.
  • Avoid high-sodium foods, alcohol, and blood thinners, and go for fresh fruits and vegetables for quicker healing.

The lip fillers are quite safe if done by an experienced and board-certified healthcare provider. The gel in the cosmetic fillers gives your lips the required shape, thereby enhancing your looks and ultimately boosting your confidence.

We, at Sakhiya, use the best lip fillers performed by our well-trained staff under the guidance of experienced dermatologists. We began with an office in Surat, gradually covering South Gujarat and now spreading our web overseas. So, if you too are looking to get lip fillers done, contact us and visit us at your nearest location.

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