India’s first Hair Removal & Tele Skin Clinic by Sakhiya Skin Clinic

India's first Hair Removal & Tele Skin Clinic by Sakhiya Skin Clinic

The future of telemedicine is even very much exciting. We are building many  technologies & many solutions that will allow people to get diagnoses and get treatment done faster and more easily than ever before. Artificial intelligence and machine-learning models in medical field has gone beyond a level of imagination. Also, we can’t really think about the future of tele-medicine without reflecting on how much it has already changed.

The delivery of healthcare services in remote areas using technology is the simplest way to define telemedicine.

Now, what comes to your mind when you hear about skin clinic? A skin disease! Or a cosmetic therapy or some kind of acne and hair fall treatment. It’s very natural to think about it, but what comes to your mind when you hear about “Tele Skin Clinic”? confused? Don’t worry, we are here to explain you the concept of Tele Skin Clinic. But first we need to realize that it is extremely important to have presence of an expert dermatologist at any Skin Clinic. But here’s an interesting part, there are crores of people in India with various skin concerns and only limited dermatologist to address their concern. Due to limited human capacity a dermatologist can address only limited number of people daily, and cannot travel to various places to see patients. Hence, the concept of Tele Skin Clinic arises, where an expert Dermatologist handles the patients concern through video consultation technology at the Tele Skin Clinic.

First Time in India, Sakhiya Skin Clinic, a dermatology and cosmetic clinic chain started by Dr. Jagdish Sakhiya in 1998 launches Hair removal & Tele Skin Clinic. A futuristic approach in medical field of skin science by incorporating tele dermatology services where patient counseling happens via video conference with an expert dermatologist.

This approach of Tele Skin Clinic is considered to be staying parallel with current technological trend. The world is evolving, so does the technology and thereby the skin clinics by Sakhiya skin clinic launches Hair Removal & Tele skin clinic, staying ahead in India by being first to launch such tele-dermatology services.

How does Tele Skin Clinic works?

Tele skin clinic, does not mean that you can simply call doctor and avail the dermatology service. Yes, such tele dermatology service where patients can directly call the dermatologist and get the consultation was already explored by Sakhiya Skin Clinic before 2 years and also currently providing the service.

But, working of tele skin clinic is slightly more logical and technology oriented. Basically, in tele skin clinic, everything remains the same as of any other skin clinic of Sakhiya Skin Clinic, the only thing changes is the expert dermatologist presence, the expert dermatologist consultation for the patient happens with video conference inside the clinic.

The patient is accompanied by Patient counselor to explain the patient well about the skin concern. Also presence of patient counselor at the clinic helps both the dermatologist and the patient to exchange affected skin area photographs in high quality and upload more of such pictures if required by the dermatologist.

Also, when the doctor provides e-prescription which is well explained by the patient counselor to the patient, and the best part is the patient is always in the connection with patient counselor hence, if there is any concern the patient can address the counselor and get the appointment of dermatologist.

Step by Step process of Hair removal & Tele Skin Clinic:

–          You walk into clinic and are greeted by front desk executive, who helps you with your registrations

–          Front desk executive helps you to meet patient counselor.

–          Patient Counselor is an expert and a highly trained staff, who understands all your skin problems and further arranges your consultation with an expert dermatologist.

–          Before the consultation the patient counselor takes pictures of the affected skin area In a high quality camera and shares it on our secured data server.

–          You are then consulted with dermatologist via video consultation and the dermatologist can quickly access your previously taken pictures of affected skin area in high quality. Thereby, the dermatologist can understand the problem and provide you details of treatment suggestions in real time.

–          During this consultation you are accompanied with patient counselor who helps you with any assistance in understanding the problem.

–          Once your treatment is selected you can start your treatment at the same time as we have presence of highly trained expert therapist and USFDA approved machines present at clinic for providing you quick service. You also have the option to take treatment some other day and book your appointment for the same.

What are the benefits of Hair Removal and Tele Skin Clinic?

The major benefit is the waiting time to get consultation of expert dermatologist is very less as Sakhiya Skin Clinic has a team of expert dermatologist who can address the patient without letting them wait.

The charge to get the consultation of an expert dermatologist at tele skin clinic is very less.

Also, the treatment is done at tele skin clinic by an expert therapist.

All the machines at hair removal and tele skin clinic is USFDA approved with latest technology and routinely maintenance checked for better performance and up to the mark results.

Some common FAQs of Tele Skin Clinic:

Can I get my acne treatment done at tele skin clinic?

–          Yes, acne treatment is done at tele skin clinic with USFDA approved latest machines and also availability of a pharma store at tele skin clinic.

Can my hair fall treatment be done at Tele Skin Clinic?

–          Yes, all hair fall related treatments like, Mesotherapy, PRP for hair are done at Tele skin clinic.

Tele Skin location:

Sakhiya Skin Clinic, 260, Platinum Point,

opp. CNG Pump, Mota Varachha,

Surat, Gujarat 394101

Tele Skin Clinic Contact:

1800-1200-70000 (Toll-free)

Hair Removal & Tele Skin Clinic by Sakhiya Skin Clinic is just a small step towards shaping future of Dermatology.

Thank you for reading , please call 1800-1200-70000 (toll-free) for any skin related concern and speak to patient care executive at Sakhiya Skin Clinic.