How To Get Korean Glass Skin

Looking for flawless skin? Well, who doesn’t want bright & glass-clear
skin? When glass-clear skin is mentioned, Korean beauty must-have popped up in
your mind. Koreans have contributed immensely to the beauty industry and are
notable for their clear, smooth & flawless skin. Because of this, Koreans
are considered to have ‘glass skin’.

Now, what is glass-skin?

When someone is said to have glass skin, it means they have the healthiest
skin and do not have to worry at all. The glass-clear skin is a healthy
skincare regime that makes your facial skin looks illuminating & reflective
like glass. If you are a beauty enthusiast, you already know why & how
glass skin is a kind of achievement for your skin. Having a blemish-free, clear
and glowing skin is being bolstered under the tag of glass skin!

Even if you are blessed with the best genes, this kind of skin doesn’t come
overnight. A lot of dedication, healthy & balanced life are required to
achieve luminous skin. It is being said that the glass-like skin appearance
really comes from within.

How can you have Korean glass skin?

For perfect glowing skin, your skin surface should have a smooth & even
texture, without any bumps. The surface beneath must be hydrated enough to
create a lustrous appearance that illuminates & reflects the skin.

Achieving this dream-like skin requires consistency and a dedicated regime
with hydrating products that include a cleanser, toner, serum, exfoliator, and
moisturizer. Products retaining hyaluronic acid and glycerin are highly
recommended for the extreme hydration that skin requires.

The contribution of K-beauty has been immense and their most effective
moistening products include toner, essences or serums, and sheet masks.

Listed are some step-by-step guides on how you
can achieve clear, glowing, Korean glass-like skin.

Step 1:

Double Cleanse

The foremost step in the k-beauty skincare routine is double-cleansing. To
get rid of all the dirt, oil, grime, and makeup residues that settled on the
face all day. First clean your face with a gentle oil cleanser or micellar
water to avoid pore clogging, followed by gentle foaming or cream cleanser to
retain the skin’s natural oils.

Step 2:

Exfoliate the dulls

Exfoliation is a prime step to achieve smooth and flawless skin. It helps
to remove all the dead skin cells and blackheads that clog pores. It is
recommended to exfoliate two-three times a week, but not to overdo it.

Step 3:

Tone it with Toner

Toners maintain the pH of the skin. Some traditional toners are told to
avoid as they dry out the skin. But K-beauty toners are formulated using
ingredients like green tea, ginseng, or floral water that rehydrates the skin.
Toners also create a base layer of hydration that allows other products to
absorb the skin smoothly.

Step 4:

Add an essence

Korean glass skin is all about keeping your skin hydrated. Adding an
essence which is a lightweight, water-based product that adds moisture to the
skin. Apart from hydration, essence also treats targeted skin concerns like pigmentation
and redness.

Step 5:

Hydrating with Serum

Another important step is to incorporate Serum into Korean beauty. Serums
that are light-weight and incorporated with ingredients like vitamin E,
hyaluronic acid, or retinoids are the best for hydration, firmness, collagen
production and to reverse the aging signs.

Serums or facial oil acts as an antioxidant and protects the skin from free
radicals like wrinkles, laxity, and more that results in aging skin.

Step 6:

Moisturize with moisturizer

By now, you must know what it really takes for a glass-skin appearance,
moisturized skin. Using a light-on-skin moisturizer not only seals in the
moisture and hydrates the skin but also makes your skin smooth, supple, and
even. While choosing the moisturizer, look for one that has nourishing floral
extracts, is a powerful hydrator & has antioxidants.

Step 7:

Protection with Sunscreen

A non-negotiable step in any skincare routine is to protect your skin from
the sun. light-weight, non-greasy sunscreens with SPF50+ protection are
suitable for the skin. The sunscreen must be hydrating and easy absorbent in
the skin leaving no white skin!

Step 8:

Seal with face masks

Face masks are undoubtedly the easiest way to lock in moisture, soothe
tired skin, and calm inflammation. Sheet maks provide instant glow, repair
damage and hydrate the skin to its best.

Honey is one of the ingredients that make your skin look supple, soft,
illuminating, hydrating, and also calms the inflammation.

These steps will definitely make your skin feel better & healthier than
ever. But along with the mentioned steps of ways, you need to glance at what
you are consuming. What goes inside, reflects outside, therefore, along with a
healthy skincare routine, do build healthy eating & lifestyle habits and
make water your unforgettable friend.

What to expect from the Korean skin look?

With all the glass skin trends and pictures in your feed, you want it too!
Though it is not impossible to achieve the Korean skin appearance, and it is
definitely not something that can be achieved in a week or month! For glowing,
flawless skin, it requires years of commitment & consistency with your
skincare routine. Hence, with all the experiments of getting a clear glass skin
look, keep your goals achievable and realistic.

All you have to do is build a healthy skincare routine, hydrate yourself,
have a balanced lifestyle, get a good sleep and give a little extra effort to
your healthy eating habits. It is not required to use all the buzz-creating and
over-the-board products. Choose the products with the right ingredients and
that will work best on your skin. It’s your skin and you know the best and
henceforth focus on developing a regime that makes your skin happy and

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