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We get seriously troubled with all of a sudden hair fall even after trying certain medicines, hair oils, and medicated shampoos that are available in the market and many online stores that claim to reduce hair fall but unfortunately nothing works and we end up in partial baldness in some parts of our scalp.

 We start feeling embarrassed while going to office or hang out with friends or simply are with family group as we feel being mocked by everyone for our baldness. We end up doing extensive research on internet and ask many of our friends for the hair fall solution and we got the same feedback, that was, ‘Hair Transplant’’. After finally decided to go for hair transplant treatment we start looking for best hair transplant doctors or best hair transplant dermatologist near us and also cheap hair transplant near us as there are many hair transplant clinics in our city.

Now let’s discuss more about, what is Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is an aesthetic procedure to restore hair from bald areas of the scalp, which generally has hairs or had hairs before and if desired, the beardeyebrows, and even chest- using the patient’s own hair.

For the hair transplantation process the hairs are generally taken from the back of the scalp or sides of the scalp to serve as donor hair or even termed as donor area, and in the certain cases of patients, the donor hairs come from the beard by a technique generally termed as BHT, body hair transplantation. This transplanted hair from the donor area is genetically not susceptible to undergo the hair loss process, hence once transplanted; hairs will continue to grow for a continued lifetime.

Hair transplant treatment for male is as equal to hair transplant for women. As hair loss in females is almost the same as hair loss in males.

Though there are certain theories for stem cells to regenerate lost hairs or any ayurvedic or homeopathic system claiming to get back the lost hairs, but it might take very long time to see the results hence gong for hair transplant is getting the desired results in a short span of time.

Techniques of hair transplant:

There are generally 2 techniques for hair transplant, FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction and FUT Follicular Unit Transplantation.

Everybody has a unique type of hairs, somebody has thick hairs or they might have thin hairs, so the biggest question arises is that if hair transplant can be done for both thin hairs and thick hairs or not. Hair transplant for thick hairs is easily done and requires same effort for hair transplant for thin hairs. Also, hair transplantation is most commonly performed for individuals with male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness, and actually it is the widely done procedure performed on people. Hair transplant can restore the lost density of hairs or restore a thinning hairline due to extensive hair loss.

Now, you have known the basic details of hair transplant treatment; you might be interested in cheapest hair transplant treatment and process of hair transplant treatment at Sakhiya Skin Clinic. So let’s begin with understanding its process by following major points:

1)      All patients are assigned a patient counselor, who will be a point of contact of you and she will explain you the entire process from initial contact to setting up the appointment for consultation with expert Dermatologist at Sakhiya Skin Clinic.

2)      The patient counselor will give you the basic idea of hair transplant treatment and also provide you with approx cost of hair transplant treatment. She will ask you for your balding area photographs via whatsapp or email, which by consulting with doctor, the counselor can provide you with approx cost of hair transplant treatment.

3)      The patient counselor can also help you with online consultation with dermatologist via tele-dermatology service at Sakhiya Skin Clinic.

What is the process of Hair Transplant Treatment at Sakhiya Skin Clinic:

1)      During consultation the donor area is identified from scalp depending on the number of hair graft required for the bald area, once confirmed with the patient the donor area is finalized and conveyed to the patient.

2)      During treatment most patients have the procedure done under oral sedation and local anesthesia, and it truly is a virtually painless, easy experience that takes 4 to 8 hours to perform in most cases.

3)      Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE is performed by most doctors with shaving of the entire scalp area, the donor area (back & sides of the head) & recipient area (area into which the grafts are being transplanted.

4)      Experienced FUE extractor assures perfect hair grafts for transplantation.

5)      Finally. The recipient site formation is done by not merely making tiny slits, but also by having those slits made at the ideal angle and its pattern & even its distribution.

Now let’s talk about downtime of this treatment. Generally, there is little downtime after hair transplant treatment. In Most cases patients are able to return to their respective work and other normal activities hassle-free within just one or two days, and exercise can be resumed after a week. Tiny crusts occur at the site of each graft that fall off by seven to eight days. The transplanted hairs typically fall out by two to three weeks, and then it starts to regrow by three to four months.   As the hair continues to regrow, it will gradually become thicker & longer.  Depending on the patient’s goals for regaining hairs, sometimes a second procedure might be desired to achieve more coverage, which can also be performed as soon as 10 months later.

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