Say No to Baldness with FUE Hair Transplant Surgery

FUE hair transplant or follicular unit extraction or follicular transfer is one of the two primary methods undertaken to obtain hair follicles for hair transplantation. This surgical treatment is a solution to hair loss in men mostly. FUE is not recommended for women as there is a need for the head-shaving or trimming at the donor site.

In this treatment, transplantation of individual hair follicles from one part of the body, known as the donor site, is done into bald part of the head or eyebrow which is popularly known as the recipient site. FUE is a long and complicated process as each hair follicle is individually taken directly from the donor site with no strip of tissue being removed to the recipient site for transplantation.

Hair follicles naturally occur in groups of 1-4 hair.

The Other method of hair transplantation is strip harvesting.

For women, FUSS – follicular unit strip surgery is a better choice of treatment.

Recovery Time

Follicular unit extraction treatment usually takes lesser recovery time. Additionally, it also involves lower post-operative discomfort in comparison to follicular unit transplantation.

Other risks related to the strip transplant procedure are also lessened such as:-

  • Less risk of long term nerve damage
  • Rare chances of leading to chronic numbness and/or pain in the donor area
  • When the scalp is too tight for the strip excision, the FUE procedure is a better alternative to FUT treatment, as it enables the hair transplant surgeon to harvest finer hair from the nape of the neck to be used at the hairline or eyebrows.
  • FUE is a permanent solution for hair loss or baldness.

Explaining the Term Donor Site

Usually, during the hair transplantation procedure of FUE, hair follicles are taken from the back of the scalp, where follicles are genetically strong and can resist hair fall. This is known as the donor site. In some cases, hair follicles can be transferred from the beard area or other parts of the body.

Results of the FUE Hair Transplant

Results of FUE hair transplant are quite apparent soon after transplant as the client gets an immediate hairline. But in the initial days, hairline stays scabbed and swollen. In some cases, it takes 10 days for all the inflammation and swelling to settle down. The results of transplantation are visible after a time gap.

However for new hair to grow, it might take two months – 6 month period. Firstly new hair grows that falls out. Thereafter, transplanted hair starts growing which are thicker and stronger in comparison to natural hair.

The Success Rate of FUE Hair Transplant

The success rate of FUE hair transplant according to various studies has been 98%. Under the guidance of an expert clinician, the FUE hair transplantation procedure takes 6-8 hours in completion.

The Procedure of FUE Hair Transplantation

To begin with the procedure of FUE hair transplantation, local anesthesia is administered. After the hair treatment, the patient is instructed regarding post-operation care. Expert hair transplant surgeon, with the most trending and cutting edge technology, ensure pain-free and scar-free hair transplant.

The entire procedure of hair transplant can cause mild discomfort or pain which may be due to the extraction and transplantation processes.

Types of FUE

FUE hair treatment can be either bio FUE or micro FUE.

While Bio FUE is a new technique in which hair follicle extraction is done technologically. It includes extraction and infusion of the serum for the rapid growth of the hair at the recipient site.

The micro FUE is a minimally invasive method for hair transplants in which micro or medals are used for the extraction of follicles. Micro bore and micro grafts are taken out for the transplantation. Very sharp and pointed needles are used in this transplantation process so scar and pain are little and healing is quite faster.

As Good as Natural Hair

FUE transplanted hair looks perfectly natural. Due to advanced technologies, hair transplantation using FUE technology leaves no permanent scar on the donor site.

Factors Affecting FUE Hair Transplant Cost

FUE hair transplant cost varies depending upon the location and the dermatologist you chose. In other words, the exact cost of this type of hair transplantation depends upon the extent and the cause of baldness and other related factors such as:-

  • The severity of hair loss
  • The texture of hair followed during transplantation technique
  • Surgeon’s expertise
  • Number of grafts required
  • The surgical technique chosen

Limitation of FUE Hair Transplantation

In most of the cases, transplants are done with clients’ existing hair. As a consequence, people with certain medical conditions cannot derive benefits from HUE hair transplantation:-

  • Thinning and baldness is widespread over the head
  • Chemotherapy or other medications are the cause of balding
  • In case thick scalp scars from injuries

 Aftercare Tips for FUE Hair Transplant Surgery:

  •      Don’t wash hair immediately post-treatment. Use only mild shampoos for the first few weeks.
  •      Resume your daily routine after 3 days of treatment
  •      Don’t press a brush or comb down over the new grafts for about 3 weeks.
  •      Avoid wearing any hats or pullover shirts and jackets until your doctor allows the same
  •      Don’t indulge in exercising regime for about a week.

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