Cost of Hair Transplant in Ahmedabad

Hair transplant is a procedure that moves hair from the back or side of the head to a bald area of the head, usually front or top of the head. Are you looking to go for a hair transplant? Are you also having a misconception regarding the cost of hair transplant that only rich people can afford hair transplant, not the common people? However, this is not true at all. Actually, hair transplant is now affordable to all people.

Cost of Hair Transplant in Ahmedabad

Hair transplant in Ahmedabad will cost around 10,000 to 2, 00,000 lakh Indian rupees. The cost will depend on the hair grafts required, and different techniques of hair transplant. The cost of hair transplant in Ahmedabad is affordable without compromising the quality of the procedure.

Eight Factors Which May Affect Cost of Hair Transplant

The following eight factors have great impact on the cost of hair transplant:

1. Desired Density for Hair Transplant

The density achieved with hair transplantation is approximately 35-40 grafts per cm2. The cost of hair transplant will depend on the area of desired hair density that requires hair grafting.

2. Size and Number of Follicular Units Needed

The number of hairs that can be transplanted during hair transplant procedure will depend on the size of follicular units. Higher the number of grafts needed, the higher will be the cost of hair transplantation and thus vice versa.

3. Area of Hair Transplant

The cost of hair transplant will depend on the area that required hair transplantation. Body hair transplant is more expensive than scalp hair transplant and usually costs between 85 and 105 Indian rupees per graft.

4. Stages of Balding

The different stages of balding will determine the cost of hair transplant. But you will be amazed to know that at levels of 5 to 7 balding when hair loss is very more, you will think that it will cost you higher. Sorry, you are thinking wrong, a hair transplant package will make the cost of hair transplant treatment more affordable.

5. Location of Hair Transplant 

Hair transplant cost is much higher in the other states as well as in metro cities of India as compared to that in Ahmedabad.

6. Techniques of Hair Transplant

The cost of hair transplant will depend on the different techniques of hair transplant. The three techniques of hair transplant are follicular unit transplantation (FUT), follicular unit extraction (FUE), and direct hair transplant (DHI). You are thinking how much these three techniques will differ in the costs! The traditional cheapest hair transplant technique for implanting hair follicles is FUT, which usually costs between 20-40 Indian rupees per hair graft. FUE is the advanced hair transplant technique, which costs between 35-75 Indian rupees per follicular unit, whereas DHI is the most advanced hair transplant painless technique, which costs are much higher-usually between 2, 00, 000 to 3,00,000 Indian rupees for the entire treatment.

7. Number of Hair Transplant Sessions Needed

The number of hair transplant sessions that are needed will depend upon the extent of balding and the number of hair follicles extracted in a single session. Lesser the hair transplant sessions, lesser will be the cost of hair transplant. 

8. Fees of Surgeon and Clinic

The fees of surgeon will depend upon the experience, skill, knowledge of surgeons. 

Dr. Jagdish Sakhiya always believes in the fact that “Each single one of us deserves access to quality at an affordable price”.

Sakhiya Skin Clinic: Premier Hair Transplant Center in Ahmedabad

Sakhiya Skin Clinic, Surat is one of the premier hair transplant centers in India, and it extends its services in all 21 centers of Sakhiya Skin Clinic including Ahmedabad. Over 1500 hair transplant jobs have been performed by the team of Sakhiya Skin Clinic in more than 10 years. The advancement in hair transplant techniques used in our clinic provides the best-desired results.

Following are the facilities of Sakhiya Skin Clinic, Ahmedabad:

  • Internationally accredited medical facilities using modern technologies

  • Highly qualified dermatologists/surgeons and hospital support staff

  • Affordable medical treatment 

  • No waiting lists despite as we offer hair transplant in all 21 clinic across

  • Options for private room, dedicated staff during clinic stay and many other tailor-made services

Dr. Jagdish Sakhiya: Expertise in Hair Transplant and other Dermatosurgery

Dr Jagdish Sakhiya is one of the most coveted dermatologists in India. In his career spanning 23 years, many hair transplant procedures and dermatosurgery have been performed under his guidance. His innovative surgical techniques provide longstanding and lifetime hair growth following hair transplant procedure. 

Surely, you all get amazed after knowing the truth regarding the cost of hair transplant. If still, you think that Hair Transplant is luxury that is beyond the reach of common people, just grab your phone and give a call on 1800120070000 today to schedule your consultation with our experienced surgeons to discuss a complete overview about the surgery and clear your all doubts.