Carbon Peel: A revolutionary treatment with accurate results

Today irrespective of any filed everyone wants his/her skin to be perfect and when it comes to face one becomes more conscious. There are many products in the market which helps you to get glowing skin. But before using it, sometimes we don’t think once about side effects. That lay us into miserable condition and harm our skin severely.

Due to improper use of different face products skin gets enduringly damage. Now it’s easy to say yes to skin treatment and blooming skin as others with– “Carbon Peel”. This is known as “Hollywood Peel” also. A Carbon Peel is a revolutionary leaser treatment that is completely painless with in minimal time span. It is highly suitable for the people who have oily skin, blackheads, dull skin, acne & enlarged pores. This is an excellent medium to exfoliate and refresh your skin. Along with that facial skin become softer, smother and finer.

“Carbon Peel” is equal to FOUR chemical peels in ONE Session.

Why one should go for Carbon Peel :-

1. It is painless and no anaesthesia used for process.

2. No down time, immediate and excellent outcome.

3. It is non-invasive procedure.

4. No side effects.

5. Suitable to all skin types.

Carbon Peel Treatment Procedure:

A layer of carbon applies into your deep pores. Laser light attracted to carbon particles. When the laser passed through particular area, it destroys carbon, take dead skin cell out, contamination& regained with new cells.

Benefits of Treatment:

1. It gives Collagen Production Boost and that helps in glowing skin.

2. It helps in skin toning and gives even skin tone for longer time.

3. It helps in Cleansing of your skin.

4. It works very effectively in removing acne and refresh your skin texture.

5. With the age generally everyone has wrinkle issues. With the help of Carbon Peel treatment now it easy to work on it. It reduced wrinkles and gives glowing skin.

6. It increase face glow so you look younger than your age.

Who can go for Carbon Peel treatment :

Anyone who feels to the need of it can go for such treatment. This treatment is not age specific. However most suitable candidates for the treatment are those with acne, dull skin, wrinkles & fine lines problems can definitely go for this. Still with certain skin problems one can’t go for such treatment.

Treatment is not suitable for :

1.    Who have active skin infection or had infection in near past

2.    Women with pregnancy or mothers who breast feed

3.    Person with the cold sore

4.    Who had recent skin tanning

5.    Person with the open wounds

6.    Person with very dry or sensitive skin

Which are treatment areas :

This treatment is suitable for any part of the body including face, chest, back etc. The Carbon Peel has been safe and sensitive as well. There is a much lower chance of pigmentation and scarring.

Is it Safe?

Yes, it is totally safe procedure. You need to keep eye on following points during the procedure.

1. Ongoing procedure: You may feel some heat, but it does not leads to pain or discomfort.

2. After procedure: Some patients may have redness but it goes in couple of hours.

Result oriented procedure  :-

Carbon Peel treatment has different and wonderful result like,

1. Remove fine lines

2. Remove acne

3. Remove blackheads

4. Helps in smoothing of skin

5. Improve radiance

6.Get more even tone & texture

7. Remove undue pigmentation

8. Reduce dull complexion 

Is procedure time-consuming?

No it’s not very lengthy or time-consuming. One need 45 min to 1 hour per sitting. And you can return to your daily routine after procedure.

Post Treatment Care :

No special care required after treatment. You just have to apply sun screen lotion on regular basis.

How many sitting required?

Every person is different and so his/her skin tone type, colour and response of treatment. But on an average one needs 6 sitting to complete the cycle and get good result. And cost per sitting is approximately between Rs. 4000/- to 6000/-.

Why We?

With the state or art facilities we have ability to give quality care. We here work with tender, loving and care approach for our patients. We try to give best result within minimal time frame.

The machine which we used is Q-Switch laser and approved by USFDA. It gives quality assurance.

At our clinic we have experienced &trained technicians and clinical experts which makes us different from others.