Bridal Skin Care Tips

Hello everyone,

The wedding season is almost here and I am sure the to be brides and grooms and their families must be really excited! I know you must be busy with the wedding arrangements and all the shopping, but as they say, Healthy skin is crucial for providing the right canvas for applying make-up and make you look beautiful. Hi, I’m Dr. Shailee Banker from Sakhiya Skin clinic and I will give you a few tips that you should follow from at least 3 months prior to your Big Day so you can have beautiful &glowing skin.

First of all, it is very important to have a balanced and healthy diet. A high Protein diet is helpful & you should have any seasonal fruit every day. Almonds and walnuts contain the essential oils that will help you in maintaining healthy skin. Also, don’t forget to have atleast 2-3 liters of water everyday!

Stop eating junk food and reduce dairy products. Skip late night meals and avoid items containing salt and sugar at night. If caffeine stops you from having a nice sleep, don’t have it at night.

Secondly, sun protection is a must. Apply sunscreens containing SPF 30 everyday. You can also use umbrellas or wide brimmed hats between 11 & 3. It is very important to clean,tone and moisturize your skin twice daily. For oily skin, use gel-based products and for dry skin, use cream-based products.

Lastly but most importantly, to have the perfect healthy and glowing skin, you should spare the time from your busy schedule and get atleast 8 hours of sleep.


Don’t wait! Set up an appointment with a Dermatologist at the earliest. Microdermabrasion or mechanical exfoliation can be done to remove the dirt and dead skin. Chemical peeling or chemical exfoliation with alpha and beta hydroxy acids can help in improving texture and evening out your skin. Various facials like hydra facials, oxyfacials and photofacials can also be done to give you bright, glowing and youthful skin. The best part is that many procedures can be done on your hands and feet too which also need to look great!

If you have 6 months before your D day we can also plan a proper facial analysis to know what all your skin needs. Monthly laser treatments and Hydration injections for dry skin can be given to boost up your glow. PRP i.e. vampire facial, eyebrow shaping with botox injections, hyaluronic acid fillers for dark circles and sagging, meso for hairfall and many other procedures can be personalized according to your need to make you look your beautiful.

So, in short..

Make sure you stay hydrated all time, eat healthy food, work out daily and apply moisturizer twice every day. Avoid crash dieting which will make your skin lose its charm. Stop doing heavy workouts 2 months before your wedding as it will make you look tired and crabby. Avoid sun exposure between 11 to 2 pm. Take care of your skin from now and look your best on your wedding day. And no matter what, always remember to carry that wonderful smile everywhere!