Moisturizers For Oily Skin

Moisturizing the skin is very important regardless of the skin type but
the type of moisturizer to be applied depends on the type of skin. So if you
don’t know your skin type, you must find out that first.

Here is a small task
you need to do to identify the type of your skin.

1. Wash your face and dry it.

2. After some time, take a paper napkin, keep it in
touch with your face, and press it.

1. If the tissue turns out to be clean, that shows
your skin type is normal.

2. If the tissue slightly turns oily, that shows
your skin type is oily.

3. Dry skin leaves flakes on the tissue paper.

4. If the tissue turns oily on the portions of the
forehead, nose, and chin, that reveals the skin to be of the combination type.

So, that’s the small test you need to do before
selecting the type of moisturizer.

What is the necessity of applying moisturizer on
oily skin?

It is a general thought that oily skin does not
need to be moisturized but it is not correct. You must wonder, why? Let’s look
at the points highlighting the importance of applying moisturizer even on oily

1. Leaves you with softer skin

It has been seen that people who moisturize their
skin on a daily basis while they are young, have healthy skin even in their old
age. Moisturizer, when applied regularly, keeps the skin cells healthy and
well-maintained for a longer time. You need to choose your moisturizer wisely
for well-hydrated and smooth skin.


2. Protects from external factors

External or more specifically, environmental
factors affect oily skin the most because it attracts dust and other pollutants
easily. The epidermis is a cover to the skin that protects it from getting
dirty. Moisturizer acts as a shield to the epidermis layer, keeps it healthy,
and protects it from pollution, UV rays, etc.


3. Prevents skin breakouts

Cleaning is necessary for skin but hardcore
cleansing that too while using harsh products can damage the skin to a great
extent. Such products tend the skin to lose moisture that eventually produces
more oil. Hence, this brings the importance of the correct type of moisturizer
for such skin.


4. Repairs the damaged skin

Skin becomes sensitive just after a hot shower and
becomes dry during winters. Skin gets itchy and irritated when it is not
moisturized. A good moisturizer with the right ingredients helps in reducing
the loss of water from the skin. This way, it repairs the damaged skin by
keeping it hydrated for a longer time.

What are the types of moisturizers suitable for
oily skin?

All the types of moisturizers are not suitable for
every type of skin. It’s the ingredients that matter. So, go ahead to know the
types of moisturizers people with oily skin needs to be used.


1. Humectant-Based Moisturizers

Humectants absorb moisture from the air and hold it
and so do their moisturizers. Such moisturizers help in binding water on the
skin and keep it hydrated to the maximum extent. The humectant-based
moisturizers are lightweight and hence, get absorbed fluently which makes them
suitable for every type of skin. Its major ingredients are sodium lactate,
hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, urea, glycerin, sorbitol, honey, and the like


2. Emollient-Based Moisturizers

Such types of moisturizers contain oils and lipids
that help in filling the cracks in the skin and eventually lead to smoother
skin. Such emollients are of a creamy consistency and immensely help in
smoothening and repairing skin. What makes this type of moisturizer work well
for oily skin is its ingredients that typically contains shea butter, grape
seed oils, silicone, squalane, rosehip, lanolin, and ceramides.


3. Occlusive-Based Moisturizers

Generally, these are perfect for dry skin because
there are comparatively thicker than other types of moisturizers. They seal the
moisture and form a layer that easily prevents the water to evaporate. Its
ingredients vary and so is the usage for varied skin types. Oily skin users
must look for ingredients like dimethicone and Cyclomethicone as they prevent
oiliness to occur on the skin.


How to choose the right moisturizer for you?

Every person’s skin is different. So it is really
important to choose which product is right for you and which is not. There are
a few things you should do to find out the correct moisturizer for yourself.

1. Check the ingredients

There are a few ingredients specifically for oily
skin people and some need to be strictly avoided. Go for products containing
lactic acid, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, dimethicone, and those based on
water. Water-based products can be identified by their names as these end with
‘-icone’. Products such as cocoa butter, paraffin, and oils need to be avoided
as these make skin oilier. 

2. Go through the label

The label must feature words like non-comedogenic,
non-acnegenic, water-based, oil-free, or any combination. Make sure the product
does not contain any ingredient like wax that clogs the skin pores or irritates
your skin.

3. Check the form

There are various forms of moisturizers right from
heavy to lightweight. The market is full of creams, gels, and lotions. Oily
skin people should go for lightweight lotions or gel-based moisturizers and
should strictly stay away from heavy creams and lotion.

4. SPF plus moisturizer

Nowadays it is recommended to apply sunscreen on a
daily basis, even if you stay at home all day long. So, it is better to pick a
moisturizer that also protects the skin from sun rays without clogging skin
pores, as nobody would like to apply a double coating of any sort of cream.

5. Something for your stubborn acne

If you are using anti-acne products on your oily
skin, your skin must be tolerating too much. So, there is no need to use
anti-acne moisturizer. In fact, go for something suitable for sensitive skin.
If you are not using anything, anti-acne moisturizers are good to go.

6. Don’t apply too many products

Your skin does not like numerous layers. So choose
a moisturizer that contains a broad-spectrum sunscreen, preferably SPF 30 or
higher. If it is separate, pick a moisturizer containing titanium dioxide or zinc
oxide, because they prevent breakouts.

What are the ingredients to look for in the

1. Dimethicone

It is a fine substitute for petrolatum and has
properties quite similar to that of oil but it doesn’t make the skin oily.


2. Glycolic Acid

It helps in getting rid of dead skin cells and
prevents skin clogging and breakouts.


3. Hyaluronic Acid

This ingredient is extremely helpful in retaining
the natural moisture in the skin and thereby hydrating the skin.


4. Retinol

Full of Vitamin A, retinol enhances the production
of collagen and tightens the skin.


5. Niacinamide

Extremely rich source of Vitamin B3, niacinamide
seals the moisture within the skin, supports its barrier function, renews skin,
and repairs the damaged cells.


6. Jojoba Oil

Helps not only in balancing the pH levels of the
skin but also duplicates its natural sebum. It triggers less production of oil
in the skin.


7. Hazelnut Oil

It is full of antioxidants that improve skin
health. It is also able to be absorbed quickly and balances out the production
of oil in the skin.


8. Grapeseed Oil

It helps in removing acne due to its anti-microbial
properties. It also gets absorbed rapidly, keeps the skin soft and prevents


9. Salicylic Acid

It helps in getting rid of old skin cells,
minimizing skin pores, penetrates the skin, and prevents oil production.


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