A Summer Skincare Routine That Keeps Your Skin Fresh

Everyone loves their skin, don’t they? The rising mercury and long and dry days snatch the glow and softness of the skin. Skin needs to be treated differently in different seasons and different places. As soon as summer arrives, people start buying summer creams and supplements but what’s more effective is following a proper skincare routine that helps in keeping the skin fresh even on these hot days. So, if you want to be comfortable with your skin and avoid any breakouts or skin damage, follow the below-mentioned skincare routine for the best results.

Summer Skincare Routine To Keep Your Skin Fresh

1. Make sunscreen your forever partner

Sunscreen is the least you can do to your skin. Apply sunscreen with at least SPF 30 and which carries the term ‘broad-spectrum’. This term basically means that the skin is protected from both the types of rays, UVA and UVB, which are huge contributors to skin cancer. Dermatologists suggest reapplying sunscreen every two hours for the best protection. One shall remember that lips are more sensitive and should also be protected just like skin. Avoiding sunscreen may lead the skin to age quicker and more prone to skin cancer.

2. Stay hydrated

Water is the solution to ‘n’ a number of problems and skin issue is one of those. Certain toxins do clog the skin pores which leads to various issues. Staying hydrated helps in flushing out such toxins and makes the skin glow from within and more radiant than the most expensive serums and facial kits. Likewise, water also helps in reducing breakouts, wrinkles, acne, and pimples thereby making the skin crystal clear. Water also provides elasticity to the skin, maintains its pH balance, and prevents aging and sagging of skin.

3. Cleansing and exfoliation are musts

Washing the face with water is not enough to remove the dirt settled in the pores. If you really want your skin to stay, feel, and look fresh, you need to deep cleanse it. Hence, regular cleaning and exfoliation are required. Cleanse twice a day and exfoliate once or twice a week but don’t overdo it. This will not only reduce the excess oil produced in this scorching heat but also remove the dead and dry skin cells. It eventually moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin, helps it breathe, and makes you feel better than before. Don’t exfoliate when your skin is sunburned.

4. Don’t skip moisturizing

Though the air is less dry during summers, it still needs to be moisturized. Moisturizers need to have a permanent place in your kit forever, only the type of moisturizer changes as per the season. In summers, when you and your skin want to feel light, you don’t actually want to put on sunscreen and moisturizer because doing that would make your skin heavy. So why not apply a dual-purpose moisturizer? Sounds great, right? Hence, apply a lightweight moisturizer carrying an SPF of 30 or more that protects as well as moisturizes skin flawlessly.

5. Something related to makeup

Wear minimal makeup because you would definitely not like carrying a heavy layer on your skin in the burning sun. Moreover, if you do, it would get melted when you sweat unless it is water-resistant. So, why not give your skin a break from it? Your skin will thank you for this. Even if you happen to wear makeup, go for-

• non-comedogenic products as they would not clog your pores and

• makeup products with SPF 30 or more.

This would protect your skin while letting it breathe. Alternatively, you can also use sunscreen powders that can be easily applied over makeup. This would protect the skin at least to some extent only when the directions specified are followed.

6. Vitamin C serums are a must

The benefits of vitamin C are known to everyone, so why not add it to your cosmetic kit as well? Vitamin C serums provide ‘n’ a number of benefits, like it removes hyperpigmentation, hydrating the skin, soothing sunburns, reducing the appearance of under-eye circles, bringing out the inner glow, and is safe for almost all skin types. Its regular usage clears up acne, boosts the production of collagen, avoids wrinkles and fine lines, boosts wound healing, and makes the skin firm. Its photo-protective ability reverses sun damage. The market provides abundant types of serums; invest in the one that works best for you.

7. Use a good toner

Toning the face is as crucial as cleansing and exfoliating are. After cleansing your face, apply a good quality toner with a cotton pad on your face, then pursue with serum and other skincare products. This minimizes the appearance of open and large pores, smoothens and tightens the skin, and enhances the skin’s moisture retention. Toners infused with light products like aloe vera and cucumber are the best and highly refreshing on hot days. Apply toner especially on the T-zone of your face as this area is most prone to sweat.

8. Take care of your diet

Whatever you intake works far better than the things you apply topically on your skin as it nourishes the skin from within. Include antioxidants, seasonal fruits and vegetables/ citrus fruits and vegetables, salads, vitamins C and E, and healthy fats in your diet. Drink at least six to eight glasses of water to hydrate your skin. Avoid excess sugar and unhealthy items like aerated drinks for healthy skin. Proper nutrients make your skin fresh, soft, and bouncy and make it glow from within.

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