10 worst food that can negatively impact your skin

Foods That Negatively Impact Skin

You work really hard for good, healthy, glowing skin. From using good products, regular sunscreen, retinol, night-care regime, regular face wash, and what not! But are these really enough for healthy skin?

As much as your skin products stimulate collagen production, it is also important to give proper nourishment to your body. There’s a saying, ‘What goes inside, reflects outside’, refers to the food you consume. Food plays a vital role in having a healthy body, skin & hair.

While you must know that foods packed with nourishments, protein, and antioxidants can make your skin better & younger, there are also some foods that you should avoid to keep wrinkles.

Here are some food that is negatively impacting your skin-

1. Excess salt consumption

Indian food is full of masala and salt is the main ingredient. Salt consumption retains water in the body and affects the overall health including the skin. A dehydrated skin proves to be even more difficult to heal acne breakouts. Too much sodium swells up the skin and leads to puffiness & tiredness.

2. Fatty Foods

Fatty Foods

Foods with fatty acids destroy essential nutrients, vitamin E & omega-3 that are vital for healthy skin. Excessive fats lead to dull & lifeless
skin. Fried foods also encourage the production of free radicals that damages the skin cells.

3. Caffeine


Coffee, chai, and even green tea have become a part of life. But overdose of caffeine can dehydrate your skin which means rapid aging of the skin. High Caffeine consumption builds toxic in the body which causes premature wrinkles and the skin becomes lax with time.

4. Alcohol


One of the biggest enemies of hydrated skin is Alchohol. Those who gobble up alcohol regularly tend to have bigger pores and dehydrated skin. Dry skin results in more dead skin cells lurking on the surface of your skin, which eventually clogs the pores and leads to whiteheads and blackheads. There’s a notable difference n the skin of someone who regularly drinks alcohol and the one who hardly touches it.

It’s time to look 10 years younger and say no to alcohol.

5. Containing High Glycemic Index

If you are a high consumer of pizza. Pasta, bread, burgers, then it’s time to cut them down. This kind of food contains GI which not only fluctuates your blood sugar level but also causes skin inflammation and high production of sebum. Skin inflammation & more sebum are enough to damage skin and acne breakouts.

6. Sugars & Artificial Sweeteners

Sugar And Sweeteners

High sugared foods like baked edibles, fried foods, sweets, packed juices, ice-creams, and more contain high sugar that spikes the insulin level and harms the skin. High sugar level tends to lose the elasticity & firmness of the skin hence losing strength, flexibility & affecting the collagen production in the skin.

7. Dairy products

Dairy Products

Few researchers have shown that cutting out on cheese, butter, milk and other dairy products can provide firmness to the skin. For even skin tone, texture & blemish-free skin, you can try a dairy-free diet. It is because some dairy products aggravated insulin level & sebum production that leads to acne & breakouts.

8. Fatty / Red meat

Fatty Red Meat

Red meat is rich in high cholesterol & fatty acids which causes skin inflammation. Certain meats also contain amino acids known as leucine that stimulated oil production. All these tend to make skin look dull, tired and a breakout is even more likely to appear.

9. Fad and Crash Dieting

With short-term diet plans, your body loses out on some essential nutrients. Once you are back on regular old eating habits, the deficiency
outcome reflects on your skin. The body undergoes a state of shock while on crash diets, which fluctuates the insulin level and hence it dehydrates your skin. And dehydration contributes to dryness, big pores & dark circles.

10. Whey Protein

Whey Protein

Fitness freaks and bodybuilders are regular consumers of whey protein. Whey protein increases the level of insulin which boosts sebum production. Regular whey protein consumers faces often skin breakouts, dryness, uneven skin texture, and big pores.

Above mentioned food definitely impacts your skin health and along with them, fast food, beacons, fried food, packaged & processed food, chocolates, soda, baked items, and spicy foods negatively impacts skin health even more. These foods aggravates the sebum production that causes wrinkles & pre-mature aging.

Keeping your skin hydrated is the key to glowing and healthy skin. Time to make some changes in your food habits for young and blemish-free skin.

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