Top 20 skin care tips

Sakhiya Skin Clinic is celebrating 20th anniversary this month. On this occasion we bring to you 20 most important tips to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

1. Clean your face 3-4 days a day with cleansing lotion

2. Use moisturizer regularly to prevent dryness

3. Apply sunscreen everyday to prevent sun damage

4. Drink 3-4 liters of water to keep skin hydrated

5. Take 8 hours of sleep to keep skin young & healthy

6. Take 10 minutes of sunlight to get vitamin D

7. Exercise daily for at least 30 minutes

8. Stress little, smile more

9. Eat at least one seasonal fruit everyday

10. Have green salads and vegetables everyday to have healthy skin and body

11. Take pulses and protein rich diet for healthy hair

12. While bathing do not rub your skin harshly with scrubber

13. Oil your hair regularly and wash them within couple of hours

14. Always use conditioner after shampooing your hair

15. Avoid having spicy and oil food to reduce acne/pimples

16. Apply non comedogenic moisturizer before doing make up on skin

17. Do not use any medicated tubes without consulting your doctor

18. Use anti ageing creams and other treatments with advise of dermatologist to delay ageing process

19. Use Vitamin C scrum at night to avoid wrinkles and other ageing signs

20. Consult a qualified dermatologist regularly to keep your skin healthy and glowing