Q-Switch Lasers

Q-Switch Lasers

In the world of dermatology and cosmetology, LASER is the go-to treatment option for many.

But LASER is a broad word. There are various kinds used in these fields, determined by the purpose or concern for its utilization.

In this piece, we will go into depth about Q-switch Lasers, specifically Nd: YAG type. This laser’s purpose is to remedy dark spots, hyper-pigmentation, as a part of the skin rejuvenation procedure and for tattoo removal.

What is Q-switch (Nd: YAG) laser?

Nd:YAG stand for Neodymium doped Yttrium Aluminum garnet. It comes in two wavelengths – 532nm & 1064 nm.

Without going into the scientific working of this laser, what it essentially does is release high energy in a billionth of a second, attacking pigment or ink in the skin.

The released energy breaks down the pigment or ink that is then flushed out from the skin and then out of the body.

The basic principle of most lasers is to deliver heat to the skin cells, prompting them to heal and produce more collagen and elastin, contributing to healthy and younger-looking skin.

The distinction between the two wavelengths is the amount of energy they release. 1064nm penetrates deeper into the skin than 532nm.

Why choose this laser?

In comparison to other lasers, that create constant beam, Q-switch creates beam pulses, delivering energy in instantaneous bursts. Because of these features, the energy landing on the skin is concentrated and immense.

Powerful enough to shatter ink and pigments or stimulate collagen production. Secondly, the time frame in which the laser touches the skin is nanoseconds. The surrounding cells and tissues do not get damaged. The ink or pigments are only the ones that get targeted by the heat.

It is a multi-purpose laser, used to treat:
  • Sun Damage
  • Brown spots and pigmentation
  • Improving skin tone
  • Birthmarks
  • Tattoo Removal

What to expect from this treatment?

The upside of the Q-switch is that it has minimal downtime. After the procedure, you might see that your skin is crusting and red, which is normal. It should go away itself, do not pick or attempt to remove it, or else it will cause scarring.

For tattoo removal, higher energy is used, which is painful. Numbing cream is applied to reduce your discomfort. The downtime for tattoo removal can be more.

Results of your Nd: YAG laser treatment will be evident once your skin has healed. Certain patients and concerns like varicose veins might need multiple sessions to see permanent results.

Yet results are visible even after the first session, few people need more than 2 sessions for dark spots and pigmentation.


Concluding, this article’s objective was to inform you on what is Q-Switch Laser is, helping you as a patient, in making informed decisions. And if you are going to get this therapy, then to make you feel more relaxed and are not blindsided by filling you on the basics of the laser and how we use it in distinct procedures.