Eyebrow Worries? Get Natural-Looking Permanent Eyebrows with Microblading

Permanent Eyebrows - Microblading

Almost every woman spends a lot of time grooming herself, like waxing, threading, plucking, and filling in the eyebrows. Those who don’t like to spend this much time as a daily hustle look forward to some permanent eyebrows shapes. Microblading is a kind of semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo used for long-lasting brows. This eyebrow blading can be done on anyone with little to no eyebrows who wants to have realistic results.

What is a permanent eyebrow or microblading treatment?

Microblading is a procedure of getting a cosmetic tattoo that is done by dermatologists either to create or fill in the eyebrows. A small handheld tool containing numerous small needles is used to draw hair-like strokes that give the look of natural eyebrows. It stays for a few months.

These needles scratch the skin’s surface and deposit pigment over there. Since these don’t penetrate the skin, this method doesn’t cause much pain. Hence, it’s an easy and convenient option for people with thin eyebrows to get natural-looking, and long-lasting brows. This one has gained popularity for good reasons.

Procedure of getting a permanent eyebrow

If you too are interested in getting this type of brow enhancement, here is a small step-by-step guide to knowing every little thing about this dermopigmentation.

  • Consultation

Consult an experienced dermatologist who will analyze your natural eyebrow shape and examine where it needs tattooing.

  • Measurements

Then, the positioning of your new brows will be measured using rulers or calipers to make them even. This, along with your desire, will be considered for the new look.

  • Markings

After finalizing the final look, the same would be drawn on the eyebrows using a pencil. This needs to be done vigilantly, as it would be the basis of your brows, which would last for years.

  • Mix and match

All the possible colours would be mixed and matched to get your desired colour before beginning with it. Then, hair strokes are tattooed using a microblade tool. It just gives you a scratching feel and might irritate you.

  • Follow the instructions

Follow all the aftercare instructions, apply cream or oil as prescribed, keep the skin dry, and let it heal. It would start itching, but don’t scrape. It may look dark, but the colour will lighten gradually and eventually.

  • Go for a touch-up

After 6–8 weeks of your first session, you will need to go for a second treatment for a better outcome. See what you have achieved and discuss the desired and realistic results.

🡺 Microblading treatment procedure video at Sakhiya Skin Clinic

Microblading vs. tattooing

Eyebrow tattoo is similar to any other tattoo, wherein the tattoo artist uses a tattoo needle filled with ink connected to power. It deeply penetrates the skin and impacts the deeper layers of skin. On the other hand, microblading is also a form of cosmetic tattoo, but it doesn’t penetrate the skin, and hence, it isn’t as deep as the tattoo.

The major difference between both of them is the lasting duration of the results. Eyebrow tattoos are permanent and, hence, last for life unless removed by some tattoo removal treatment. Microblading, on the other hand, doesn’t let the pigment go deeper. Hence, it fades as the skin cells turn over naturally and lasts for around 6 months to one year. Touch-ups are required though for this brow enhancement to last longer.

The types of pigments used also differ. In microblading, the pigments are designed in such a way that their colour is faded into a lighter version so that it doesn’t look unnatural. Tattoo ink uses a special pigment that leaves the eyebrows with an odd colour when it fades.

Microblading is almost painless as compared to tattooing. The recovery process is also quicker in microblading as it involves only the uppermost layer of the skin.

What are the benefits of microblading treatment?

The main point is why we should go for this treatment and if it is actually worth it. Let’s have a look at the benefits it provides.

  • Time saving

This procedure saves a lot of time, especially in the morning when everyone is in a hurry. One doesn’t have to apply makeup to fill in the sparse eyebrows now before going outside.

  • Economical

All the money spent on brow pencils, brushes, tweezers, and frequent visits to the salon for eyebrow waxing and shaping would be saved once this procedure was done.

  • Keeps you stress-free

One doesn’t have to worry about the shape of their eyebrows before catching up with anyone. Once healed, it doesn’t even need any further maintenance.

  • Natural-looking and long-lasting results

If done by an experienced and trained dermatologist, this eyebrow blading leaves the person with natural-looking eyebrows that last for months.

  • Painless way of regaining eyebrows

It’s an easy hack to regain eyebrows for those who have lost them for illness or any other reason. This is a safe, effective, and non-invasive way of re-growing the eyebrows.

  • Variations in looks

Since these are semi-permanent, you can choose a different eyebrow shape once they fade. You can pick the shape that is in trend or that you like.

  • Not a time-consuming procedure

It just takes 1.5 to 2 hours for a single session to get this cosmetic tattoo done on your brows. There is almost no downtime; hence, you can resume your regular work just after the session.

Microblading treatment (Permanent Eyebrows) cost in India

The treatment cost depends on a few factors like the expertise of the artist, the location of the clinic, etc. In India, the average cost of getting these permanent eyebrows is somewhere around INR 20k to 35k. In Sakhiya, the microblading cost is INR 17k, irrespective of the location.

Preparation and Aftercare

Before any procedure, it is always better to prepare the skin for the best results. Here are a few things that the patient has to consider:.

  • Make sure the eyebrow area is clean, healthy, and not irritated just before the procedure.
  • A few things to avoid before microblading are waxing, facials, botox, tanning, blood thinners, caffeine, and alcohol.
  • Eyebrow mapping is done before the procedure to determine the exact measurement and outline of the desired eyebrow..
  • Numbing cream is also applied to the treatment area to make it almost painless.

Aftercare is equally crucial; hence, a few things need to be taken care of, such as:

  • Don’t let your eyebrows get wet for 10 days after the treatment. Use microblading face shields to cover your face while showering and washing your hair.
  • Flaking and scraping would begin 4-5 days after the treatment. Let these be, as picking them may pull out the pigment, leading to color loss on these spots.
  • A touch-up after 6 weeks is essential to modify the look or make any changes.
  • Apply post-care cream to your new eyebrows with a cotton swab for 10 days. Avoid any makeup or chemicals for the same duration.

Before and After Results of Microblading Treatment

The thin and sparse eyebrows are modified into well-defined and dense eyebrows in no time. Here are a few pictures that are remarkable evidence.

Before and After Results of Microblading Treatment (1)Before and After Results of Microblading Treatment (2)

Pigmentation is the sole basis of this eyebrow blading. It helps you get a new eyebrow in just a few hours.

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