Navratri Skin Care Tips

Dr. Jasmine Gandhi who is a Dermatologist at Sakhiya Skin Clinic has some very basic but important skincare tips for Navratri.

Watch this video to know more about what Dr. Jasmine Gandhi has in store for you all!

Since its Navratri, next 9 days is all going to be color coordinated outfits, on-point makeup, High-voltage Garba and last but not the least, Late night Friends gatherings! and your Routine will be a mess!

So, here are some few basic tips which you can follow this Navratri, 5 basic tips:

1) Food

2) Water

3) Sleep

4) Cleansing

5) Moisturizing

The most important is water, try to have atleast 4 – 5 litres of water every day, try to add coconut water or lime water in diet to replenish the potassium and sodiums which is lost in sweat while you play, avoid food that causes water retention like fermented food and Indian-chinese food. instead go for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables.

Do not go for lot of salts and sugar after 9 pm.

Try to have at least 6-7 hrs of sleep at night, if not then try to take rest whenever you get half-an-hour or an hour, as that will reduce under eye puffiness and decrease water retention.

Cleansing is must: No matter how tired you are but removing make-up before sleep is must, remove make-up with a good cleanser as all of us have used water proof makeup. Followed by under eye cream and lip balm, also do not forget to apply thick moisturizer on your soles.

Though dark circles could be hidden through makeup, to reduce them, do not have sugar and salt after 9 pm. Have at least 6 – 7 hrs of sleep and remove make-up and apply under-eye cream before sleep.

Since all of us use hair-styling products, do not forget to wash hair daily with a good shampoo to avoid bacterial growth and dandruff.

Thank you, wish you a Happy Navratri!