How to keep your pores unclogged during the summer?

Acne and breakouts are quite common, especially during summers. If you think it is related to enhanced sun exposure, then you might be wrong here. It is rather due to the heat, more sweating, and increased oil production that clogs the pores in hot weather. At times, it’s your sunscreens and moisturizers too that lead to clogged pores. There are various reasons for having clogged pores like acne, hormonal changes, genes, excessive consumption of alcohol, stress, nominal or no skincare habits, etc. but there are various tips as well following which can help you keep your skin pores unclogged even in the extreme heat. Go ahead to know the escape from this problem.

9 Dermatologist Recommended Tips To Keep Your Pores Unclogged During Summer

1. Exfoliate regularly

Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and it is a must to do if you are looking for flawless skin when the mercury is rising. One must exfoliate their skin at least once a week for healthy and unclogged skin. People sweat a lot during summer. This sweating lets the dirt enter the pores and makes them clogged which eventually leads to breakouts. Regular and gentle exfoliation prevents all this to happen.

2. Keep hydrating your skin

Drinking adequate water is not sufficient to keep your skin hydrated. You need to hydrate your skin in all possible ways. You must be wondering how to do that when you are out for some work or at the workplace. The best way to do this is using facial mists. Keeping a handy mist in your purse is the best option and solution to this problem. So just spray on your face at regular intervals and you are done!

3. Say no to heavy moisturizers

You have to keep those moisturizers at bay that you use during winters! The reason is quite obvious that those greasy and oily moisturizers work best when the atmosphere and skin are dry. These make you sweaty when the weather is already hot. You can always go for oil-free moisturizers and serums and mists are a blessing in summer. This hydrates your skin without making it oily and lets your skin breathe.

4. Use a gentle cleanser

Facial cleansers are quite essential for skin, whether it is summer or winter. Our skin demands creamy cleansers during winters to prevent it from getting dry; on the other hand, when the temperature already crosses 40 degrees Celsius, our face needs something like a foaming cleanser that is gentle on the skin. The type of cleanser to be chosen is highly subjective though and must be chosen as per the type of skin.

5. Intake more Vitamins

Vitamins are a prerequisite for flawless skin so you should increase the intake of vitamins in your diet. Moreover, use serums that contain vitamin A, E, and C just before bed. Now, this is important because the night is the most crucial time for the skin to rejuvenate. This is the time when the skin repairs itself from all the damages. You must clean your face and get it nourished with some good quality serum containing these vital nutrients.

6. Wash your face but don’t overdo it

Removing dirt and sweat is one of the basic ways to keep the skin unclogged. Nobody even likes the sweaty body and face in this heat. People tend to wash their faces repeatedly. That’s the mistake they commit. Overwashing the face makes the skin drier which produces way more oil. This makes the skin more irritating and difficult for acne to be treated. Limit washing your face to twice a day, not more.

7. Don’t disturb your pimples

We can understand how irritating and painful it is when those annoying pimples pop up. We try all the possible ways to get rid of these pimples but that’s what is not supposed to be done. Doing this makes the scars and acne more terrible and clogs the skin’s pores. It might also infect your skin which is all the way more pathetic. Hence, avoid touching your pimples for clear skin, visit a dermatologist instead for getting the treatment done.

8. Sweat a lot

You must have heard from your grandmother that it is better you sweat because that flushes out the toxins from your body and hence, cleanses it thoroughly. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to wipe out the sweat before it dries, else it would again clog the pores. Whenever you do any physical activity like exercise or a walk, pat dry your face, wipe off the body, and head towards your washroom for the shower.

9. Sunscreen is your best friend

Double coat your skin with sunscreen, first with non-water resistant and then with the water-resistant one. Water-resistant sunscreens typically contain oily ingredients and hence, it is not preferred to be applied directly on the skin. So, first, give a gentle coating of non-water resistant sunscreen on your face and neck. Let it settle and then apply a water-resistant sunscreen. This protects your skin without clogging your pores.


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