How to handle dry skin under your eyes during summer?

Dry skin is always a matter of concern, whether it’s summer or winter, hands or face we talk of. Dry skin leads to quicker aging, if not taken care of. Taking care of the skin around and under our eyes is highly crucial because it is delicate and faces a lot of things, like UV rays, stress, lifestyle, genetic reasons, etc. You can face issues like puffiness, dark circles, fine lines, eye bags, etc. Hence, it is really difficult to handle dry skin under our eyes. We have compiled a handful of tips that would help you in handling dry skin under your eyes on these baking hot days but let us know some more things related to dry skin.

Who is more prone to dry skin?

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1. Those, who live in colder and hotter climates, have comparatively drier skin compared to those who are in a moderate climate.

2. Those, who are aged 35 years or more, start facing dryness around the eyes.

3. Those, who don’t take proper diet and water and lack important vitamins and minerals, have dry skin.

4. Those, who smoke and/or drink regularly, have health issues and puffiness with dry skin around the eyes is commonly seen in such people.

5. It is rare with people of medium complexion when compared to those with fairer or darker skin.

What are the causes of dry skin around the eyes?

There are numerous factors that cause dryness around the eyes which include both, internal as well as external factors. Some of these are mentioned below-

1. Over washing your face

Washing your face excessively removes the lipids and makes it dehydrated. This eventually leaves the skin itchy and dry.

2. Overexposure to sunlight

Exposure to UV rays and sunlight affects our face more than anything else simply because of the fact that the skin around the eyes is highly sensitive.

3. Weather conditions

Both hot and cold weather conditions have dry air and hence, are harmful to the skin. This makes the skin lose moisture and hence, makes it dry.

4. Using hot water

Hot water dehydrates the body and hence, makes the skin cracked. Hence, using hot water for washing the face or bathing dries out the skin.

5. Improper skincare routine

Everyone has a different skin type and hence, needs products that are dermatologically tested and tailored for your skin type. Using any product may damage your skin.

6. Skin conditions

Certain skin conditions like rosacea, atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, etc. affect the skin in various ways, and dryness around the eyes due to atopic dermatitis is one of those.

How to treat dry skin under your eyes?

There are only a few things you need to keep in mind to treat your dry skin and enhance its ability to retain moisture.

1. Follow a proper skincare routine

Washing your face is a must to keep it dirt-free but do it only twice a day. Over-washing also makes skin dry. Always use a mild and soap-free facial cleanser for your face. Be gentle for your super gentle facial skin. Don’t use hot water doesn’t matter how cold it is; lukewarm water would work though. Use a lightweight and oil-free moisturizer and apply it gently. Don’t go to bed while keeping the makeup on your face. Go for only branded, hypoallergenic, dermatologically approved, and ophthalmologist recommended products.

2. Use only gentle products

You need to keep all the harsh skincare products at bay. The market is full of innumerable products that you may not need. So you need to assess what products you need to apply to your skin. You don’t have to be entertained by cleansers, moisturizers, scrubs, and facial masks that contain harsh chemicals. Their regular usage harms the skin to an extent you can’t even imagine. Even a small amount of it can irritate the skin under the eyes because it’s highly sensitive.

3. Be cautious while cleansing the area around the eyes

Whichever product you apply to your face, use it very carefully. Swear up and down to use only such facial products that don’t contain any fragrance and are dermatologically tested. Go for those products that contain natural moisturizing ingredients because they help the skin to retain moisture in the best way possible. Avoid facing the sun, use good sunscreen and sunglasses if you have to go out. This protects and moisturizes the skin under the eyes to a great extent.

4. Avoid applying too much stress

Don’t pressurize your under-eye area willingly or unwillingly. You can do certain things like avoiding excessively hot water for your face, not rubbing the area beneath the eyes, using only clean makeup products, avoiding numerous coating of makeup, etc. Just pat dry your face after washing or bathing; putting pressure while wiping may irritate the delicate part around your eyes. These small things would help in reducing the stress on the eyes.

5. Never skip moisturizing

Moisturizing is the quintessential element of the skincare routine. Skin starts getting wrinkled when it becomes dehydrated. Our under-eye area doesn’t have oil glands and hence lacks moisturizing so it’s very crucial to moisturize this area. You can use face moisturizer by the time it suits your skin. If it starts irritating your skin, go for a good eye cream.

6. Don’t forget to check out the ingredients

Certain ingredients work very well for skin, like retinoid, retinol, peptides, vitamin C and E, caffeine, green tea, etc. Make sure any of these ingredients are always there in the product you have opted for in your under-eye area. Some keep the moisture locked in the skin while others boost collagen production. Enhance the intake of nuts, leafy vegetables, and citrus fruits in your diet.
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