It won’t be wrong enough to say that being presentable has been a human tendency since the beginning  of time. More interestingly, flaunting beautiful skin is what a person desires to do every now and then.  But what if some unwanted and least passable stretch marks becomes a hindrance for this fascination? 

Let us give you a hand in preventing yourself from attaining stretch marks and if by any chance the  Murphy’s law does it’s obligation, we shall prepare you to get rid of these marks in a more convalescent manner. 

Wait, but what is Stretch Marks? 

To commence with, stria or striae (as the health professionals like to call it) appears on the surface of  the skin when the elastic-polygon fibers beneath the skin gets stretched considerably due to numerous  factors leading to the formation of reddish white or pink lines. These streaks (often whitish in color) originates as a slightly raised part of the skin and may feel itchy at the initial stage. Following this, the  stretch marks tend to flatten up ending into long thin white lines which over time becomes barely  recognizable. 

The W’s of Stretch Marks. Where | When | Why 

It is quite obvious that the very first query which may pop-up in one’s mind when reading about stretch  marks is – How on Earth does this happen? 

There are abundant causes that leads to the birth of stretch marks on various parts of the body. Usually,  body parts encompassing fat bears the curse of attaining stretch marks. Areas such as thighs, buttocks,  abdominal area(tummy), breasts, shoulders etc. are prone to stretch marks. 

Let us dive into details as to in which conditions and for what reasons the skin develops this ailment.  Stretch marks is common among individuals of all ages. It can be visible on the skin of a 15 year old  teenage and also on a senior citizen depending on the criteria’s of its emergence.  

  • Pregnancy 

The most common situation in which a female attain stretch marks is during the time of pregnancy. That is, during the subsequent phase of pregnancy, ligaments in the female pelvis are softened by the  hormones produced in order to elevate the flexibility of ligaments during the delivery period. In this  process, these hormones also end up softening the skin fibers leading to stretch marks in that particular  area.

With the development of baby in the womb, skin around the belly area stretches resulting into  appearance of stretch marks. Moreover, areas such as breast and thighs also experience these marks  during pregnancy. 

  • Weight 

Quite evident in teenagers, sudden increase in the weight followed by rapid decrease stretches the fiber or the elasticity of the skin leading to the development of stretch marks. When the body gets heavier  due to surge in the weight, it expands the skin fibers that tear up creating a space for stretch marks. This  kind of impact also takes place when the weights are dropped fastidiously. 

  • Workout 

Excessive pumping of iron in the gym and lifting enormous weights results into increase in muscle size of  the body but may also become a pathway to stretch marks on various parts of the body i.e. shoulders,  chest, back, thighs etc. 

Conversely, lack of exercise may also become a reason for stretch marks. 

  • Bariatric Surgery 

In some body conditions where a person with an excessive weight (100+ kgs) undergoes the knife to  remove the unwanted fat from the body leads to loosen up skin. Under such circumstances the skin  develops stretch marks particularly around the belly area. 

Obesity is also considered to be a major factor for stretch marks. 

  • Malnutrition and Dehydration 

Insufficient amount of nutrition in the human body from food intake may lead to stretch marks. Along  with this, un moisturized skin due to lack of water content is also responsible for stretch marks. 

  • Other causes 

Application of steroid creams for ailments such as fungal infections and itching for a longer period of  time becomes an impetus for the occurrence of stretch marks. 

Getting rid of stretch marks. 

Any disease with an easy diagnosis has a difficult path of treatment. 

Home Based Remedies 

  • In order to prevent yourself from getting stretch marks during pregnancy, apply cream on and  around your belly area. 
  • Application of bio-oil is also considered to be very advantageous in prevention from stretch  marks. Practicing bio-oil for a minimal period of 3 months shall do wonder. 
  • One more impressive home remedy during pregnancy can be utilization of mixture containing  vitamin E capsule and Almond oil, thrice everyday. Furthermore, continue applying this  ointment for around 5 to 6 weeks post pregnancy.
  • In addition to this, substitutes such as Vicks, colgate cream, milk, mint paste can also be applied. But keep in mind as to which substances your skin is prone to be allergic. 

Medical Treatments 

In the early stages stretch marks, the most effective treatment is the medical line of treatment. 

  • To begin with, Retinol cream’s such as Tretinoin helps the body in producing new fiber from the  dermis. It assists the body in forming new cells by producing ample collagen for smooth and firm  skin. 
  • Hyaluronic Acid gel is another persuasive treatment which augments the skin with long lasting  hydration whilst elevating collagen levels for a blossoming appearance.  

Procedural Treatments 

  • Fractional Co2 Laser removes dead collagen fibers by instilling heat and assisting in producing  new elastic fibers.  
  • Eribrium Glass Laser technology heats up a specific portion of skin fastidiously and creates  coagulation. 
  • Other various treatments such as PRF, Radio Frequency Needle, Derma Roller etc. stimulates the  skin and gives induction for treating stretch marks. 

Surgical Treatments 

Lastly, in cases such as post multiple pregnancies where belly skin loosens up excessively with numerous  stretch marks, surgeries such as Abdominoplasty is taken into consideration. 

Skin is a fragile yet most imperative essence of beauty in human body. Don’t let stretch marks hinder  you from being confident about it.