Dimple Cheeks Are No Longer God Gifts – Get Yours’ Now

Considered as one of the wow- inspiring beauty spots that attract both genders equally are dimples. Gone are the days when this small indentation called dimple on your cheeks was God gifted. Now, you can get them created on your cheeks or chin, if you are willing to shell out some money and undergo a small surgical procedure so that your beauty is enhanced multiple times. Technological advancement in skincare, dermatology, and cosmetology is here to help you get this attractive feature that you have always longed for, through a small dimple creation surgery.

Dimple Details

In some cultures, dimples are considered as good charm while in every culture is a beauty spot. In some studies conducted, men prefer women with dimples especially chin dimples while checking other facial traits like eye color, hair color, and chin dimples. So, why are you feeling left behind?

Get in words with a renowned surgeon now!

Discuss With Your Doctor

Dimple creation surgery can be done on one or both the cheeks as per your budget and requirement. You can get into words with your surgeon and decide upon the optimal place where you want your dimple to be created on your face. The best thing is that both the genders can go for the surgery which is being offered at the Sakhiya Skin Clinic, a leading skin clinic in India that is an outcome of 20 years of expertise in this field.

 The clinic has its various branches located across India. It offers different treatments related to skin and hair at the most affordable cost.

Why Sakhiya Skin Clinic?

When it comes to your face and body, you always choose the best and Sakhiya Skin Clinic is one of the best clinics which is laced with modern technologies and state of the art equipment for all the treatments that are offered at its clinic.

The clinic has been offering various kinds of cosmetic surgeries and dermatology services in India for more than the last 25 years. Every branch of the clinic has a team of experienced and qualified doctors and assistant doctors, who assure that the client gets the best services.

Sakhiya has over 19 branches spread across India where services provided include both surgical and nonsurgical procedures for skin requirements. For instance, we offer:-

  • Skin treatment
  • Hair treatment
  • Pre-bridal
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Anti-aging
  • Chemical peeling
  • Skin tightening
  • Tattoo removal
  • Acne treatment
  • Acne scar removal
  • Laser hair reduction
  • Pigmentation
  • Fillers
  • Cosmetic plastic surgeries

These are some of the broad categories in which our clinicians provide personalized care and attention to the client so that they come out satisfied.

Sakhiya Skin Clinic provides the best skin-care and cosmetic surgeries using most trending US FDA approved technologies. Our technologies and expert team of doctors ensures the best course of treatment at every step.

Know Our Presence

Sakhiya skin clinic is present at following destinations:-

  • Vapi
  • Vadodara
  • Surat (Vesu)
  • Surat (Varachha)
  • Surat (Laldarwaja)
  • Surat (City Light)
  • Surat (Bhatar)
  • Surat (Adajan)
  • Rajkot
  • Pune
  • Mumbai (Bandra)
  • Mumbai (Andheri)
  • Bardoli
  • Ankleshwar
  • Anand
  • Ahmedabad (Thaltej)
  • Ahmedabad (Satellite)
  • Ahmedabad (Nikol)

With our Dubai branch, we have gone international and our latest branch in Pune is opening soon.

Additionally, Sakhiya Skin Clinic is a pioneer in bringing derma consultation online (through video conferencing with an expert at the clinic) in its clinic in Surat.

Want Dimple/S on Your Cheeks

If you too long for dimple check even though you don’t have them the plastic surgery available at Sakhiya Skin clinic can surely get one created for you on the cheek with its dimpleplasty.

Dimple creation surgery or dimpleplasty is a daycare procedure in which under the influence of local anesthesia a small depression is created on the chief muscle of the person.

In the dimpleplasty, a small incision is made at the particular site where you want dimple to be created on the cheek (or chin). Thereafter the small amount of tissue is removed by the expert with diligence and safety. A small stitch called the sling is passed through the skin and the muscle, on either side of the area. This joins the skin and the muscles. And a dimple is created. Those who want dimples now need not wait as they can get it created plastic surgery.

It is done from inside the mouth and no external scars are created in this plastic surgery. The person undergoing the surgery stays awake and comfortable throughout the process which takes around 20 minutes to 40 minutes depending upon the perfection of the surgeon. But there are no complications involved in the surgery for sure.

End Result

As a result of dimple surgery, a little swelling and bruising do occur on the surgery site but no major complications are experienced. The dimple created after surgery stays prominent for the initial few weeks but it becomes natural soon and is visible only on smiling.

The person undergoing the surgery has to take some antibiotics for a couple of days after the surgery. However, there is no downtime and the person can resume routine activities soon after the surgery the following day.

The best part is that this surgery is potentially reversible and is completely safe and effective at the Sakhiya skin clinic which is one of the international quality clinics for skin and hair related treatments.

Precaution Post-surgery

As such there are no major precautions post-surgery. The person is free to perform daily routine functions soon after moving out of the clinic. All they have to care about is keeping their mouth clean and taking some antibiotic pills for a couple of days.

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At the Sakhiya Skin Clinic, the team of our expert doctors and highly trained staff assists you with all the information you might need to have concerning the dimpleplasty. We will help remove all your fears and confusion with our expert team of clinicians’ suggestions. Now, getting expert customized services at an affordable cost for all your skin and hair related issues are easy through our clinic. We have always believed in rendering outstanding patient care quality services.