Bed-time Habits Destroying Your Skin

You are
very particular about skin and could do everything possible to keep it all
glowing & young. And as soon as night-time hits, you are off to bed to
avoid dark circles & puffiness! But is it enough for your skin? After all
the efforts, your skin is still not in the right space? Well, your night
skincare routine is similarly important.

Some of the night-time habits that are destroying
your skin’s health

1. Sleeping without washing your face

The most
common mistake we all make (sometimes out of laziness) is to sleep without
washing the face. Even if you are not wearing makeup, washing your face should
be your priority. The night is the only time when the skin goes through the
rebuilding & repairing phase. Without cleaning the face, oil, dirt, grime
& smoke clogs the pores which eventually leads to acne. If makeup is not
off, sometimes it can cause irritation & inflammation to the skin.

For skin’s
sake, now you know why cleaning face before bedtime is a big deal!

2. Avoiding retinol & moisturizer

products are misunderstood to be used after the 30s. No, retinol is great for
everyone to stimulate collagen production and cell turnover. Often the use of
retinol will eventually lead to a healthier, younger, even skin tone &

retinol, moisturize your skin to repair & strengthen it and also to soothe
out irritation or inflammation.

Your simple
night-time skincare routine – wash, apply retinol & moisturize, and you are
done for happy skin!

3. Sleeping on the same bedding & pillowcase
for quite a few days.

If you are
not changing the sheets & pillowcase often enough, dead skin cells, dirt,
oil, and more pile upon them. And since your skin is in direct contact with
grime and dirt, it gets stuck on the pore, making it clogged and saying ‘hello’
to breakouts!

wash your bedding at least once a week with the right detergents.

4. Not choosing the right bedding fabric

You must be
wondering, what could be better than a cotton pillowcase? Cotton and synthetic
fabrics like nylon and polyester are rough on skin, hence a little harsh for
your skin to glide on at night and can cause irritation.

The best
fabric to choose here is satin or silk. These are smooth materials which mean
easy skin friction, skin is breathable, non-abrasive, and lesser wrinkles &

5. Hair brushing against the face

It is
suggested to keep hair tied in a loose bun until it has been washed
immediately. Since hair accommodates oil, dirt, and dust, while sleeping, it
can seep down to your skin, clogging pores and causing acne.

6. Compromising your sleep time

fast-paced & digital time is affecting our sleep. Spending too much time on
screens before bedtime can deprive sleep increasing stress hormones. Studies
have shown that lack of sleep can boost stress hormones level, which then
becomes the reason for many health concerns.

hormones brakes down the production of collagen & elastin that keep the
skin smooth & glowing. Hormones also trigger inflammation which leads to
breakouts. You need at least 7 hours of sleep to avoid worsening of the
pre-existing skin conditions. Fine lines, dark circles, lusterless skin are
some common intruders with deprived sleep!

Along with these,
try to sleep on the back instead of on the side or on the stomach, do not go
overboard with skin products after applying moisturizer, over-cleaning is also
not recommended.

Now you
know how important it is to pamper skin even at night. Small care and you have
happy, smiling skin. Along with the face, keep your body moisturized at least
those parts that dry out easily. Keep your sleep intact and avoid making
bedtime mistakes that can harm your skin. Have beautiful & glowing skin!

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