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LED Photo Facial

LED Photo Facial

Utilizing high powered LED lights, correct skin imperfections including redness reduction, skin tone correction, skin clearing and signs of aging. Specific wavelengths are used depending on your skin concern which will stimulate and activate cellular processes and different responses in your skin.

Blue light –great for skin struggling with acne and redness

Red light – encourages ageing skin renewal by increasing blood flow, lymphatic drainage and hair growth

Green light – detoxes your skin and can improves skin tone, reduces pigmentation

Yellow light – increases collagen production for a more youthful look and also reduces redness Treatments can be customized for your skin concerns and boosters can be added to enhance the effects of LED light therapy


Safe for kind of skin (1420pcs SMD LEDs4)

Treatment area :- 22cm*55cm 4 Colour LED System Red, Green , Blue , Yellow- HD LED (High Definition)- Dual application SKIN & HAIR- Extremely Power full Output power for each SMD LEDs :- 1-10Levels 60mW/LED Pulse Frequency :- 0-110Hz(0 means continuous mode)


1. Good results after applying serums like Vitamin C, Whitening, Hyaluronic, and various hair serums. Slimming after applying cellulite gel or oil.

2. Extraordinary results for Pigmentation, Acne, Skin Lightening, Hair Loss, etc. Treatments.

3. Non-risk of burning with Safe optical technology.

4. High power SMD LEDs, pure light and enough energy.

5. Large treatment area within short-time therapy.

6. No need for special care after treatment.

7. For any skin type, no side effects.

8. Easy to use, no need of professional operator.

9. Comfortable, non-invasive and no downtime.

10. Stable and continuous work; no any other special consumable materials.

11. A wide range of applications for clinics or beauty salons.

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