Co2 Fractional Unixel 30

Co2 Fractional Unixel 30

Work Theory

The ultra pulse CO2 laser scanner therapy device scans a highly focused laser beam of high-energy and short pulse rapidly over certain spot sizes randomly. Due to its absorption by water in soft tissue, the fractional CO2 laser incorporating the advanced technologies can immediately ablate discrete

columns of tissue without charring, deposit heat and promote regeneration throughout the underlying layers of the skin, eliminating heat conduction to adjacent tissue. Also, random scanning technology ensures every spot have enough time to be cooled to avoid thermal damage. This device can be used in multiple specialties, such as Oral Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Dermatology.


· Photic Damage

· Scars including atrophic acne scars, surgical scars, traumatic scars, burn scars;

· Pigment diseases, such as speckle, pigmentation, actinic keratosis, sunspots; Wrinkles caused by sunlight or early aging wrinkles, on the lower eyelid, forehead, cheek as well as crow’s-feet.

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