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Patient Review

I have had hair fall issue for last 3 year then I came to sakhiya skin clinic there I got treatment right now I am very satisfied with the result doctor and staff is very cooperative Thank you Sakhiya skin clinic.

Priyanka Shukla
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*Result may vary person to person.

Cooperative and humble staff Very impressed with services also Afreen particularly is very dedicated to her work You go girl keep going I’ll be coming for your services every time. Thank you Sakhiya

Kritika Verma
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Sabahat Khan

Sabahat Khan
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*Result may vary person to person.

The treatment is satisfying and my skin problem slowly slove the staff is very careful with patient care and their service is excellent… So I recommend to everyone in my family and friends sakhiya skin clinic only….it’s the best clinic ever.

Patel Jenny
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*Result may vary person to person.

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