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Sakhiya Skin Clinic, providing the best skin care and cosmetic services that science and technology can offer. This international quality clinic is the outcome of more than 20 years of determined efforts. Sakhiya Skin Clinics are equipped with world class state of the technologies. Experienced dermatologists and skin specialist doctors take great care of all your skin requirements like Acne Treatment, Acne Scar Removal, Laser Hair Reduction, Pigmentation, Fillers, Skin Rejuvenation, Anti-Ageing, Chemical Peeling, Skin Tightening, Tattoo Removal, Pre-Bridal, Cosmetic Plastic Surgeries, Etc.

Our Sakhiya Skin Clinic is a well recognized and one of the premier Skin, Dermatology, Hair & Plastic Surgery clinics in Vadodara, Gujarat.

We at Sakhiya Skin Clinic are committed to achieving excellence by treating our patients in an affectionate and gracious ambience. Its main mission is to consistently strive for the highest ratings of satisfaction from its clientele and is well-known for its outstanding patient care quality services.

Our Skin Clinic offers a complete range of Skin & Hair related treatments using non-invasive & highly effectiveness practices. Our Skin Specialist  & Plastic Surgeon in Vadodara has almost two decades of experience in the field of skin, cosmetic and anti ageing treatments. Dr.Sakhiya & his specialised team of skin doctor, Plastic surgeon in Vadodara committed to offering the latest and safe procedures to make your skin & hair look great.  Our team include certified Dermatologist and specialized in diagnosis and management of skin, hair and nail diseases.

We ensure you that our expert knowledge in skin care treatment along with the latest technology and procedures will help you achieve the ultimate results. If you are searching for a specialized dermatologist in Vadodara, Gujarat then Sakhiya Skin Clinic is the right place to visit. Our Sakhiya Skin Clinic will continue to position itself as the principal dermatology, dermatological surgery and laser centre of choice in Vadodara. We have got a whole range of lasers for every skin concern and our antiageing clinic provides the latest anti-ageing treatments to restore your youthfulness.

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Best Laser Hair Removal in Vadodara: Factors, Costs, Benefits and Precautions.

Previously, people used to opt for old school methods like plucking, shaving, waxing for their unwanted hair. Some of these methods like plucking and waxing were very painful.

However, with the introduction of the Laser Hair Removal technique, it’s now easier to get rid of unwanted hair. The laser hair removal technique is less painful, time-efficient and effective.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

This is a non-invasive way to reduce or remove unwanted hair. The basic principle of this treatment is to use a laser beam to attack melanin, the pigment that gives hair color.

Light is converted into heat, damaging hair follicles and roots. The procedure begins with a skin specialist who inspects the area of skin that is exposed to the laser to set the specifications of the laser device. Different areas of the body’s skin differ in hair thickness, skin thickness, and sensitivity to pain.

Next, clean and shave the treatment area. Anesthesia cream can be applied to especially sensitive skin. When the cream is effective, the specialist moves the laser machine over the surface and zaps the hair follicles with a beam.

The larger the area, the longer the process will take.

There are Three Stages to Hair Growth in the Human Body:

Stage 1 – Anagen: When the hair grows.

Stage 2 – Catagen: In this stage, hair stops growing and begins to deteriorate.

Stage 3 – Telogen: It is the final stage of hair growth. Laser treatment is ineffective at this stage.

The laser device has an effect only on the hair follicles that are currently active, that is, in the phase called “Anagen”. Thus, many sessions are needed to completely reduce hair growth. Multiple treatment sessions based on hair and skin type have been shown to lead to long-term hair reduction. Most patients prefer at least eight sessions. Dermatologists usually ask patients to wait for 3 to 8 weeks for laser skin treatment sessions.

What is the Cost of Laser Hair Removal in Vadodara?

Cost:Laser Hair Removal Cost starts from Rs.500 per session.

Who will treat: If the treatment is done by a qualified, certified, experienced dermatologist, the cost will be higher than a salon cosmetologist. To get a better idea of the cost of a laser hair removal session in Vadodara for your case in particular, the best thing is to get an appointment with Get a pre-examination with your doctor.

What are The Factors That Can Affect the Cost of Laser Hair Removal Treatments?

  • Hair Type: The main cost factor is that it depends on the texture and density of the hair. Removing thicker, coarser hair takes longer and may require additional sessions, increasing the cost.
  • Region/Location: The most important aspect that determines the cost is the area of treatment. Larger parts require longer sessions and are therefore more expensive. For example, an upper lip treatment will cost much less than an arm, leg, chest, or back treatment.
  • Number of sessions: The number of sessions required to see significant change varies from person to person and from place to place. Sakiya Skin Clinic usually offers 7-10 sessions in one package. Further meetings will increase costs.
  • Skin color: The skin color in the target area determines the complexity of the laser and the number of sessions for best results.
  • Male vs. Female: Males tend to have thick and coarse hair and require more sessions.
  • Machine used for treatment: The type of laser technology used, and therefore the machine used to perform the procedure. If the FDA approved machine is used then, the cost of treatment will definitely be higher.
  • Who is treating: If a qualified and experienced dermatologist treats you. The best thing to do is to get an appointment with your doctor and get a pre-assessment, especially to better understand the cost of a laser hair removal session in Vadodara in your case.

Does The Type And Quality of Laser Machines Affect Laser Hair Removal?

The most important thing is to determine the type and quality of laser equipment you want to remove unwanted hair.

You may not be able to get complete information about the type, model, and which one is best for your skin? The easiest and safest way is to listen to the advice of a dermatologist and have them test the laser on a part of your skin.

All laser hair removal devices are different: All mechanical systems are different from other mechanical systems. Some lasers are best for dark skin. There are also lasers for black hair and fair skin.

Difference between Laser Hair Removal Treatments vs. Electrolysis

Laser treatment only works if the hair is darker than a person’s skin tone. Electrolysis is a common treatment, whereas laser treatment is done with laser pulses. The electrolysis process is more uncomfortable than the laser process.

During electrolysis, the time spent is 4-6 times longer than the time of laser processing. Electrolysis will also require more sessions to heal the patient.

What is the Advantage of Laser Hair Removal?


Laser hair removal may seem more expensive than any other hair removal method. But if you look carefully at all these methods, you need to spend money on a continuous and regular basis. Spend money on frequent visits to parlors and the purchase of razors and shaving cream. Throughout your life, all these costs are summed up, by choosing laser hair removal; you no longer have to spend so much.

No Ingrown Hairs: 

Waxing, plucking, and hair loss – they are painful. And that’s why there are unpleasant ingrown hairs. Laser hair removal eliminates these and does not cause razor burns.


Laser hair removal targets hair clearly to the roots and is superior to IPL hair removal, making it suitable for darker skin tones. Accuracy also means faster results. Laser hair removal targets hair clearly to the roots and is superior to IPL hair removal, making it suitable for darker skin tones. Accuracy also means faster results.


In most of the patients treated with laser hair removal treatment, their hair has disappeared forever after four sessions.

Is Laser Hair Painful?

If you compare Laser Hair Removal with waxing, plucking, Laser treatment isn’t painful at all. During the procedure, for some there is some sort of discomfort, especially for women, around the time of their menstrual cycle because that is when your skin is tender.

During the procedure, especially in women, you may experience some discomfort during the menstrual cycle as your skin will be sensitive.

How to Choose a Good Laser Hair Removal Clinic in Vadodara?

The decision to choose a laser hair removal center or clinic will directly affect your treatment results, so it should not be taken lightly. Follow these simple steps to make sure you land in the right place and complete professional work for you.

  • Who Are The Dermatologists & Staff? You want your technician to be certified, experienced and professional in their interaction with you.
  • The first step is to find a potential laser hair removal clinic in your local area. You can rely on word of mouth recommendations, or you can choose to find a list of popular recommendations online.
  • Call the clinics available in your area and ask some general questions about available treatments, who will be treated, qualifications, costs, and more. It doesn’t give you specific information about the treatment you’re looking for, but at least you can get a vague idea.
  • Do a patch test; it is common practice to test a small area of the body. While this will give you an idea of how you will respond to treatment, your dermatologist will also have the opportunity to test a number of settings and decide which one is best for you.
  • Search for the level of patient satisfaction of that clinic.

With everything in front of you, you are in a much better position to make wise decisions.

After Laser Hair Removal Treatment Precautions

The following are recommended precautions that must be followed within a few days after each laser hair removal session and treatment.

 Avoid heat treatments such as hot showers, steam baths, and sunbaths for at least 2-5 days.

  • Avoid direct sunlight to avoid infection, allergies and skin rashes.
  • Avoid taking aspirin, supplements to avoid increasing the risk of bleeding.
  • Avoid using perfume and deodorant in the treatment area before and after treatment.
  • Pack aspirin-free aloe Aloe vera gel, creams and balm in your store to reduce skin redness.

Before and After Laser Hair Removal Treatment Tips

As mentioned, laser hair removal treatment is done in sessions. Things that patient must follow before and after treatments are as follows.

If a patient wax two weeks before the treatment then laser hair may not be effective as this process remove even the roots, the lasers target.

Instead, patients can opt for shaving, bleach, or use Nair in-betweens during the sessions. On the day of the laser hair removal session, avoid make-up, deodorants and any sort of sprays to make the treatment less painful.


Laser Hair Removal and White Skin

Laser hair removal is very effective for white skin. On the contrary, the best candidates for laser hair removal are those with fair skin and dark hair. When the energy from the laser is aimed at the skin, some of it is absorbed by the colored skin, which increases the risk of burns and significantly reduces the energy entering the hair follicles.

All of this help reduce the effectiveness of the treatment. But fair skin does not absorb any energy from the laser, but leaves all the energy to the hair and follicles, thus making the process a complete success.

On the contrary, light-colored hair is always more difficult to handle.

Laser Hair Removal and Pregnancy

Most healthcare providers advise avoiding treatment during pregnancy, as there are no significant studies demonstrating the safety of laser hair removal during pregnancy. This process involves targeting the melanin in the hair follicles, causing mechanical or thermal damage to the melanin, thereby permanently blocking hair growth. There are no studies demonstrating the effectiveness of the procedure for the woman in the fetal period, so it is suggested to avoid it altogether during the period.

Laser Hair Removal and PCOD

PCOD or Polycystic Ovarian Disease, also known as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS is a hormonal syndrome commonly seen in women. Some common symptoms of this disease include weight gain, infertility, and excessive hair growth. This condition is also called hirsutism.

Hirsutism is caused by high levels of a male hormone called testosterone in women. This condition can lead to excessive male-type hair growth in women, which is usually the cause of their embarrassment. Hair growth can happen in any part of the body, especially the face, back and chest. There is no doubt that such women have to spend a lot of time and energy on short-lived hair removal treatments.

For women with PCOD, laser hair removal may be a viable option. It can give them freedom, help them get rid of daily shaving and tweezers, and discover a new and confident person.

Laser Hair Removal and Grey Hair

Laser hair removal does not work well on gray hair on light hair. The laser light directed at the melanin in the hair follicle is reflected instead of absorbed. It is then transferred to the hair follicle. Long-term use of the laser on gray hair does not work either, as this can damage the skin more and possibly burn it.

There are other hair removal methods that work well on gray hair, such as Electrolysis, Epilation, and hair removing creams.

Do you need a Dermatologist in Vadodara for Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Yes, laser hair removal is safe and effective when performed under the guidance of a dermatologist with proper training and experience.

Vadodara’s best painless whole body laser hair removal and premium laser hair removal clinic/center.

Get the best quality and cost of whole-body laser hair removal at Vadodara for Men & Women at Sakhiya Skin Clinic.

Call 1800120070000 today for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Is Laser Used For Hair Removal Treatment?

Lasers are an excellent choice for hair removal because they are safe and can provide long-lasting results or permanent hair removal. This is a quick and precise method that can provide a permanent solution for hair you don’t need. Another great advantage of using a laser is that you don’t have to wait until the hair grows above the surface of the skin to be treated.

What Makes Laser Treatment Safe And Comfortable?

Patients experience minimal discomfort during the laser hair removal procedure, and this is also much less compared to other methods such as thread cutting or waxing.

Laser treatments are often accompanied by built-in cooling that helps keep the skin’s surface cool, which eliminates discomfort or pain. In addition, laser light exits from a sapphire glass window, which draws heat away from the skin almost instantly and leaves a pinched sensation.

How Much Time Does The Laser Hair Removal Procedure Take?

Several factors will determine the time required for the operation, such as the size of the area being treated, the machine used, and the experience of the individual performing the operation.

In addition, doctors usually see the comfort level of the client and then proceed slowly or as quickly as possible according to the client’s requirements.

But in general, it may take up to an hour or an hour and a half to treat areas such as the legs or back; small areas such as the upper lip or the top of the ears may take up to ten minutes; the front of the neck and underarms may take about 20 minutes.

How Many Laser Hair Removal Sessions Does A Person Need?

The number of treatments required by the client will also depend on different factors such as hair growth, hair type and area to be treated. Although some clients can obtain permanent results with four treatments, others may require more than eight treatments.

However, compared to other procedures (such as electrolysis), laser hair removal can still provide you with faster results.

Is Laser Treatment Better For A Few People Than Others?

People with light skin and dark hair are the best candidates for laser hair removal treatment. But with improved technology and better machines, the best results can be obtained on various skin types and different types of hair.

People with blond, red, or even light brown hair have achieved excellent results using laser hair removal technology.

Click here for more FAQs.

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