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Face Lifting

Rhytidectomy or face-lift is a surgical procedure performed to improve the visible signs of aging in the face and neck like:

  • Sagging of skin 
  • Fat that has fallen or disappeared
  • Loose skin and excess fat around the neck 

Aging is a natural process which includes thinning of skin, loss of facial fat leaving behind wrinkles and saggy skin. 

Other procedures might be performed to get a complete look. 

What facelift surgery cannot do?

It is restorative surgery, done to improve your looks; it will not slow the aging process. The results are not permanent but the effects are expected to last 5 years. 

Description And Symptoms

Generally, the procedure involves elevating the skin, tightening the underlying tissues and muscles. Fat in the face and neck may be removed, redistributed or sculpted. The skin is then placed back over the newly shaped structure, the excess skin is removed and the site is stitched.