Laser Hair Removal at Sakhiya Skin Clinic

Laser Hair Removal at Sakhiya Skin Clinic

Think of a moment when you are suppose to get ready for an unexpected event and you have not shaved or waxed yourself. Sounds shabby?


Now, what if you any how have to present yourself in front of others this way? Inconceivable, isn’t it?


For this, the best possible solution you can think of is either shaving of those unwanted hair or get indulged into waxing. These kind of short term solutions often end up in piling up numerous complications. Issues such as rashes, ingrown hair and dry skin are the side effects of tweezing, shaving or waxing if done on regular basis. Along with this, the aforementioned procedures can be too much messy, tiresome and definitely painful.


Up till now, you must be thinking that what is the best alternative to all these above stated measures which can be advantageous from all the directions? Actually it’s quite simple. Get rid of your nightmare i.e. unwanted hair permanently. Yes, by all means it is possible.


With the advent of globalization and technological advancement, skincare industry has evolved drastically in the past decade. This has resulted into numerous innovations which has helped in cosmetic procedures for skin hair removal. Amidst such procedures is one known as Laser Hair Removal.


When to consider LHR


We as humans are naturally gifted with an ample hair on our body. But this sometimes encumbers us from being quite confident at places. Along with this it many a times becomes a hindrance in choosing how to dress up and limiting our ability to put on certain garb.


Moreover if you are a person with embracing light tone skin whilst dark hair or seeking for an alternative to the traditional methods such as waxing, shaving or bleaching etc., laser hair removal is the best possible treatment to be considered.


What is laser hair removal and the science backing it


To initiate, the procedure in which hair follicle is ravaged by exposing hair to the pulses of laser light for attaining hair removal is termed as Laser hair removal (LHR). With this method a specific chromophore can be targeted selectively to damage the basal stem cells within the hair follicles partially with the help of laser.


As per the records, laser hair removal was initially proven to be successful in 1996, post which the United States Food and Drug Administration gave a green signal to this technology in the year 1997.


The primitive theory backing the Laser Hair Removal therapy comprises of harmonizing the pulse duration and a specific wavelength of light in order to acquire optimum impact on the targeted tissue whilst nominal impression on the adjoining tissues which is termed as selective photothermolysis. Melanin – a target matter is being selectively damaged with lasers which ends up in heating up the basal stem cells in the hair follicle, avoiding to heat the rest of the skin. While melanin is considerably the foremost chromophore for overall hair removal laser techniques, it has a characteristic of natural occurrence in the skin which is the sole contributor of color to the hair and skin.


Areas of Laser Hair Removal


So this drowns us into a dilemma that which part of the body can be treated for removing unwanted hair?


The professionals at Sakhiya Skin Clinic are competent enough to utilize various lasers such as Diode, Alexandrite and N-YAG to help you do away with the displeasing hair. The scope of implementation has increased vastly with which numerous body parts namely face, neck, underarms, arms, stomach, bikini area, legs etc. can be treated to give you an alluring result.


How to prepare yourself for Laser Hair Removal


Laser Hair Removal requires multiple sessions to give the output of the treatment a satisfactory view. While it takes up to 7-10 sittings to give your skin a pretty clean result, the Laser Hair Removal succors you to get rid of spending your valuable time and money on cosmetic equipment’s every now and then.


Hence, if you make a thought of consulting the Sakhiya Skin Clinic which unarguably claims to provide best services of Laser Hair Removal, there are some prerequisites that you must take a note of prior to the appointment day.


Try to keep the amount of hair very minimal while attending your appointment as longer hair can make the process more painful. It is best if you shave the area that is to be treated a night before to ensure that the unwanted hair does not get the time to grow back. Also, try to avoid tweezing, plucking or waxing for almost two to three weeks before the appointment date. Your skin might be sensitive and thus to avoid certain side effects, reduce your time in exposure to the sun for atleast a month before your treatment.


Procedure for Laser Hair Removal


Let’s discuss in detail about the most imperative subject that is the procedure of Laser hair removal.


Before even getting ready for the treatment a free patch test is done by the therapist at Sakhiya Skin Clinic whereby the skin tone as well as the hair thickness of the patient is taken into consideration.


Then to commence with as the quote goes “safety comes first” you shall be given protective eye glasses to safeguard your eyes from laser beam which can either damage your retina or cause inflammation in your eyes. Following which, the section of the hair which is to be treated shall be trimmed up to the required size above the surface of the skin nicely. In order to prevent the outermost layer of your skin from any odious side effects an application of a cold gel shall be applied on it.


Subsequently, if the test proves to be fortunate enough for the treatment to take place, the area that is to be treated is being lasered systematically on a low-energy laser beam spot-by-spot. This results into disabling of active hair follicles on instant basis and that too permanently.


Furthermore on the successful accomplishment of the treatment you shall be provided with ice packs or anti- inflammatory lotions which shall give you a sense of relief from any discomfort as well as to soothe the areas treated.


Cost of LHR


Laser Hair Removal is a vast concept and thus the bucks to spend on it depends on various factors.


The cost varies widely depending on the factors such as the time required for the treatment as well as the size of the area being treated. Along with this, the number of sessions required for the treatment is also taken into consideration post examining  the thickness of your hair.



To conclude, Laser Hair Removal treatment has played a vital role in attaining freedom from unwanted hair since past two decades all over the globe. Moreover, Sakhiya Skin Clinic under the guidance of Dr. Jagdish Sakhiya has successfully treated over twenty lakh procedure using LHR in numerous cities all around India and still counting. This is an easiest and most convenient method to get rid of your unbidden body hair at a feasible price.