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Say No to Baldness with FUE Hair Transplant Surgery
FUE hair transplant or follicular unit extraction or follicular transfer is one of the two primary methods undertaken to obtain hair follicles for hair transplantation. This surgical treatment is a solution to hair lo....
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Dimple Cheeks Are No Longer God Gifts – Get Yours’ Now
Considered as one of the wow- inspiring beauty spots that attract both genders equally are dimples. Gone are the days when this small indentation called dimple on your cheeks was God gifted. Now, you can get them crea....
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Find Yourself Anew With Sakhiya Skin Clinic Now in Pune, Surat & Dubai
Find Yourself Anew With Sakhiya Skin Clinic Now In Pune, Mota Varachha (7th Branch in Surat) and DubaiIf you have not been thinking about your skin or hair lately, let me tell you that these have too many important jo....
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Get the Brows You Always Wanted Through Microblading
Just like your scalp, your facial hair does face the receding issues; sometimes due to age and other time due to health issues. Additionally, in many cases, people are not happy with their eyebrows natural shape,....
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PRP Therapy - Hair Loss Treatment at Sakhiya Skin Clinic
PRP Therapy: Hair Loss TreatmentPRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy is amongst the latest invention (in use since the 1980s).  And for hair loss treatment it is a relatively new approach which involves 3 steps m....
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