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CO2 Fractional in Dermatology
Fractional CO2 laser works by creating tiny holes or ‘dots’ in the skin’s surface, penetrating deep into the dermis which triggers the body’s natural healing responses. It leaves the skin around each dot intact a....
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Causes of Dark Circles
Here are common factors causing dark circles. Genetics: Dark circles are hereditary and research indicates that genetics play a major role in passing down dark circles to coming generations. Aging: The skin around....
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Permanent Hair Removals Only on US-FDA Approved Lasers
At Sakhiya Skin Clinic, All Laser Hair Removal procedures are administered only on US FDA approved Laser machine. We don’t use cheap Chinese laser machines at the risk of patient skin. We have a vast experience in ....
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How to protect your skin in Summer
Generally when you read about protecting your skin from the sun, you may feel that you have heard it all before. Ultraviolet rays of the sun are not visible and cannot be felt.The best way to protect your sk....
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Laser Hair Removal
Q – Why go for laser hair removal? For nearly 10 years now, medical lasers have been used for tattoo removal, clearing up acne scars and other blemishes, removing dark spots on the skin and other purposes. Now they ....
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