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Sakhiya Skin Clinic
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Beard Shaping  at Sakhiya Skin Clinic
Laser Beard Shaping What is seen is what is sold. With this thought a man is defined by the way he dresses and grooms his self. One cannot imagine himself as Jason Mamoa who’s well known for his thick bushy be....
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Laser Hair Removal at Sakhiya Skin Clinic
Think of a moment when you are suppose to get ready for an unexpected event and you have not shaved or waxed yourself. Sounds shabby? Now, what if you any how have to present yourself in front of others this way? In....
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India's first Hair Removal & Tele Skin Clinic by Sakhiya Skin Clinic
The future of telemedicine is even very much exciting. We are building many  technologies & many solutions that will allow people to get diagnoses and get treatment done faster and more easily than ever befor....
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Hair Transplant treatment at Sakhiya Skin Clinic
We get seriously troubled with all of a sudden hair fall even after trying certain medicines, hair oils, and medicated shampoos that are available in the market and many online stores that claim to reduce hair fall bu....
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Everything you wanted to know about Alopecia Areata
Everything you wanted to know about Alopecia Areata:Are you worried about hair fall? Did you see lots of hair on your pillow or hair brush? And hair falls from a certain small area of head or beard, may be its not norm....
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