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Skin Treatment

Waiting for Solutions to make you look younger?

Wait just got over with personalized skin treatment at Sakhiya Clinic


Cosmetic Surgery

Face and body treatment to sculpt,

tighten and enhance.

Find out more about our medical aesthetic services without pain and downtime


Weight Loss

Clinical excellence at work for a beautiful you.

Experience the comprehensive care and pioneering solutions

to perform reconstructive procedures.


Hair Transplant

New Age technology for new age results.

Experience the cutting edge technology t ore gain your confidence.

A Warm Welcome

God has created all of us with the best of the intentions and effort. IT then falls upon us to take care of the God’s gift and maintain it well. At Sakhiya clinic, we believe that all of us have a right to appear the best as God intended. Hence we put in all our efforts- both in R&D & training of our specialists to provide the best that science and technology can offer. This is one stop shop to provide the best cosmetic results at affordable prices.

The team of medical experts and support staff is committed to provide the age defying techniques that can turn back the clock, laser techniques that erase imperfections, surgical procedures that can improve features and much more. Our success is reflective in scores of satisfied customers over more than 25 years of operations. It is a direct reflection of the time, effort, care and expertise that our staff provides to each individual in the procedures that we perform.


Core Purpose

At Sakhiya we believe that our core purpose is to restore the confidence of our customers by providing the natural looking, long lasting hair growth. Providing optimal solution to each of our valued customer after thorough analysis is our prime concern. we act to research the most latest techniques in the field of dermatology & Sakhiya proved to furnish sophisticated technologies at all point of time since 25 years.

Core Value

Sakhiya clinics were started with an aim to provide good service at affordable price to every Indian. Some of the values that we follow at all times are:

  • Quality in everything that we do & Customer Satisfaction
  • Right Advise to our patients- not the most expensive advise


  • 20 years from now Sakhiya clinic will have 42000 square feet corporate office and training center in Surat.
  • Sakhiya clinic will have its presence in every country of the world.
  • Sakhiya clinic will have its own Sakhiya remedies pharmaceutical production unit producing world class hair care products.



Our Services

Services Provided By Sakhiya Clinic


Sakhiya Skin Clinic From the time he got his medical degree in dermatology in the early 1990s, Dr. Jagdish Sakhiya has worked to establish himself in the field of aesthetic & cosmetic dermatology. addition to being one of India’s leading dermatologists, he is a respected and renowned authority on Cosmetic Dermatology. His vast expertise in the subject has also been recognized by his peer groups.